Mated Angus females hit top of $3350

Mated Angus females hit top of $3350


ELDERS offered more than 460 beef females at its Boyanup special beef female sale last week to a good crowd of keen buyers.


ELDERS offered more than 460 beef females at its Boyanup special beef female sale last week to a good crowd of keen buyers.

The quality and presentation was excellent throughout, with the main variation being frame score and maturity.

While the mated females did not reach the dizzy extremes of some recent sales, the consistency of the offering saw a higher average of $2748 achieved for mated heifers and a figure of $1522 for unmated lines, to give a sale gross of $1.144 million.

The $3350 top price was paid for pen of mated Angus offered by Howard and Helen Griffiths, HW Griffiths, Ferguson, when RH Omedei & Sons, Eastbrook, landed the winning bid.

Simangus heifers sold to $2500 (twice), Murray Grey heifers topped at $2800, Red Angus made up to $2800 while Lincoln Reds were a steal at $1950.

Respective averages for the mated offering were Angus $2828, Red Angus $2600, Simangus $2500, Murray Grey $2544 and Lincoln Red $1950.

The unmated heifers attracted strong interest selling to top at $1825, paid for a pen of Angus while Murray Greys sold to $1475.

Respective averages were $1539 for Angus and $1364 for the lesser number of Murray Grey.

Angus heifers dominated numbers with 356 sold.

When the sale kicked off with the mated lines, the Farris Family Trust, Chapman Hill, snapped up the first two pens sold by Scott River Trading, paying $3100 for the first eight heifers then $2900 for the next pen of seven.

The first line of eight quality heifers from HW Griffiths saw extended bidding from buyers before going to RH Omedei & Sons, Eastbrook, for the top of $3350, with Landmark Margaret River agent Jock Embry doing the bidding.

A number of pens later in the sale, saw another eight Griffiths heifers sold to the Omedei family for $2900.

Callanish Grazing, Thompson Brook, liked the Griffiths heifers, paying $3100 for eight, then later in the sale adding another eight for $2700.

Two pens both containing 10 Angus heifers from LG & RJ Pitter, Waroona, both sold for $2850, going to Queenwood Orchard and Yates Family Trust respectively.

Later in the sale another nine heifers from the Pitter offering made $3100, going to PA Terpstra, with Queenwood Orchard paying $2750 for another nine.

Foster Glen Pastoral Co bought two pens of heifers from HW Griffiths, paying $3050 for seven before buying the next line of eight for $3100.

Tempra Brothers, Manjimup, bid to $3100 for eight and $3000 for the same number also from the Griffiths' account.

Also outlaying $3100, JA & TP Patane went home with a line of eight of the Griffiths heifers, then later added another pen for $2900.

Deepdale Farm took the largest pen of 13 heifers from J & K Investments, Carbanup, paying $2800.

Treeton Lake, Cowaramup, had one pen of their usual quality Angus females for sale and the sleek future matrons sold to Yates Family Trust, Collie, at $2700.

Braeside Farm saw its eight heifers go to PA Terpstra for $2950.

Two pens with seven in each from regular female seller, TH & L Gibbs, Ferguson, appealed to EB & G Quick, who bought both pens at $2600.

Two lines of mated, black Simangus heifers from LG & RJ Pitter both sold to Campden Hill Grazing, Bridgetown, at $2500.

A pen of Red Angus from GF Dennis, Anniebrook, sold to KJ Hough for $2800, while EB Quick and Glen Omera Pty Ltd both paid $2400 for Red Angus heifers offered by Treeton Lake.

Several lines of quality mated Murray Grey heifers were presented with six sold account Young Guns, Hyden, going to Bramley Estate for the top of the breed at $2800.

Murray Schubert, Elgin, paid $2500 for four with RG & AP Rusconi outlaying $2400 to get the last pen of five from Young Guns.

Wulura Farms, Dunsborough, sold one pen of 10 sleek heifers for $2600 to Landmark Boyup Brook agent Jamie Abbs, who was buying for Shorelands Pastoral, Wonnerup.

Mr Abbs then added two lines sold by Scott River Trading at $2500 and $2450.

The buy of the day were the 10 Lincoln Red heifers from CA & J Guthrie, Busselton, with these going back to near neighbour, PP & B Smith at $1950.

Demand did not wane as the unmated heifers entered the ring, with the first pen of nine from SF & SL Fox-Slater making $1700, going to Farris Family Trust.

This buyer later paid the $1825 top price for 14 sold by DH McLeay, Blackrock Angus stud, Vasse, as well as $1575 for six from Alcoa Farmlands.

Other lines of 14 from the MacLeay family's offering sold to GJ Allen for $1750 and Bacchus Cattle, Ambergate, for $1650.

Alcoa Farmlands also sold black heifers to BJ Purvis at $1520.

The WA College of Agriculture, Harvey, sold younger heifers to HW Griffiths for $1325 and another 15 heifers went to Natawand Enterprises for $1100.

Alcoa Farmlands rounded out the sale when it offered two pens of Murray Grey heifers and both were bought by AP & JW Whiteford for $1300 and $1475 respectively.


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