New Holland T8 tractors spark interest

New Holland T8 tractors spark interest

A New Holland T8 Series tractor is action. New Holland claims these models, also available with Smart Trax, are the most powerful tractors of their class in the world.

A New Holland T8 Series tractor is action. New Holland claims these models, also available with Smart Trax, are the most powerful tractors of their class in the world.


SOMETIMES it takes a demonstration to peak your interest in a machine.


SOMETIMES it takes a demonstration to peak your interest in a machine.

And according to New Holland WA sales manager Geoff Anderson that’s exactly the case with the company’s Genesis T8 Series tyred and track tractors.

“Our demonstrations have sparked a lot of interest and stock is available in WA with attractive finance packages,” Mr Anderson said.

New Holland has introduced the T8s to the market with a big wrap.

The company claims the T8s are the most powerful conventional tractors in the world.

Five models range from a rated 187 kilowatts (250 horsepower) to the top-of-the-line T8.435, which generates 283kW (380hp).

Every model is powered by either a Tier 2 or Tier 4B-compliant Cursor 9 engine and an Engine Power Management (EPM) system offers more power in demanding hydraulic, PTO and transport applications.

The EPM means a T8.320 model, for example, which has an engine rated at 187kW (250hp), can be ramped up to 239kW (320hp).

The same applies to all T8 models.

A 50 kilometre an hour 19-4 Ultra Command powershift is standard on tyred models, although an Auto Command CVT 50km/h transmission is an alternative.

All T8 tyred models come standard with cab suspension and Terraglide front suspension with brakes.

Built to suit heavy tillage applications, the T8 is ideal for secondary cultivation, drilling, spreading and transport, hence the choice of transmission options.

No matter which powershift transmission you choose, you get a minimum of 18 forward speeds, with eight of them in the critical 4.8-12km/h tillage range, which New Holland said was more than any other tractor in this class.

New Holland also has introduced a Ground Speed Management (GSM) system, which uses a combination of data relating to engine load, forward speed and operator setting to manage engine and transmission speeds to optimise performance and economy.

According to New Holland, it’s simple to set up and extremely efficient.

When load conditions change in the field, GSM will automatically maintain a fixed forward ground speed.

First, you set your desired working speed, then select the GSM function.

The automated system will match engine and transmission speeds to maintain this fixed forward speed, so you get a perfect balance of productivity without compromising economy.

Up to six electronic remote valves are easy to identify with colour-coded couplers and levers.

You can control all six remotes without moving away from the SideWinder II armrest – you can set flow, timing and detent settings to precisely match the job.

You can also program each valve with the Custom Headland Management system.

Lift capacity also is impressive with a rear lift capacity of up to 9000 kilograms on the GENESIS T8.435.

Optional factory-fitted front linkage provides a maximum lift of 5800kg.

Matching the overall versatility of a wheeled tractor with the high traction and flotation of rubber tracks, the T8 SmartTrax models feature purpose-developed high torque axles that match large-diameter front wheels with the rear tracks.

This enables full power to be delivered between the front wheels and rear tracks for optimum performance.

“SmartTrax-equipped T8 Series tractors have been developed to deliver the proven versatility of a wheeled tractor with the enhanced traction and flotation of rubber tracks,” Mr Anderson said.

“The rubber tracks are matched to large diameter front wheels to deliver excellent manoeuvrability and to overcome some of the issues that may arise with conventional twin-tracked vehicles.

“A key feature of SmartTrax is the ability to turn tightly and cleanly at the headland.”

Designed by New Holland specifically for high power applications, the Genesis SmartTrax is offered on the top two models in the T8 range, the T8.435 and T8.410.

According to New Holland, the contact patch of the 60 centimetre SmartTrax system is up to 65 per cent greater than a 710/75R42 single rear tyre set.

The 45cm SmartTrax system is 35pc larger than a set of 480/95R50 rear duals.

The reduced ground pressure allows earlier access to drying land and can provide extended working time in the season with a reduced risk of damage to the structure of the soil.

According to Mr Anderson, the combination of wheeled front axle and rear tracks enables a T8 SmartTrax tractor to operate at full power in turns around wet field areas or on the headlands.

This full power turn capability is a key advantage over twin-tracks, which shut down power in one track to make the turn, when full power can get you through the tough working conditions.

Offering the choice of undercarriage, T8 SmartTrax tractors can be specified to track spacings between 1.9 metres and 3.8m.

The track belt width can also be matched to suit specific needs: narrow undercarriage models will come standard with 45cm tracks.

For use in more extreme conditions, to include steep difficult terrain or extremely wet conditions, wide undercarriage models are offered with 60cm tracks.

New Holland’s Auto Command continuously variable transmission is standard on both models.


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