John Deere boomsprayer tops $296,000

John Deere boomsprayer tops $296,000

Auctioneer Dean Hubbard (centre) takes bids on a Phoenix Prickle harrow before bringing down the hammer at $9500. It sold to Yongarloo Farming, Morawa.

Auctioneer Dean Hubbard (centre) takes bids on a Phoenix Prickle harrow before bringing down the hammer at $9500. It sold to Yongarloo Farming, Morawa.


MORE than 500 people attended the Giovi Limited clearing sale at Irwin last week, taking advantage of the good value machinery on offer.


MORE than 500 people attended the Giovi Limited clearing sale at Irwin last week, taking advantage of the good value machinery on offer.

Elders auctioneer Dean Hubbard put up 371 lots of assorted sheep and cropping equipment to 350 registered buyers.

A 2014 John Deere R4045 self-propelled boomsprayer (2489 hours) topped the sale, when it sold for $296,000 to Jamie and Ben McTaggart, Mingenew.

Green triumphed the machinery section with a 2013 John Deere 9510RT (2869hrs) selling for $265,000 to Allied Equipment Sales in Midland and another John Deere 9510RT tractor (4350hrs) attracted $224,000 from firm bidding.

A 2016 8345R (1272hrs) John Deere tractor sold for $227,000 and a 2006 John Deere 8530 (9219hrs) sold for $36,000 to Ag Implements.

There were three CLAAS headers up for auction, each with a CLAAS Vario tin front.

The 2013 CLAAS 750 Lexion TerraTrac model (2287 engine hrs, 1686 rotor hrs) sold for $189,000, the 2010 Lexion sold for $85,000 and the 2012 750 model edged up to $105,000.

The main attraction for the day was the array of farm vehicles, comprising two Toyota Hilux models, one Great Wall, a Nissan Patrol ute and nine Landcrusier utes.

A 2001 Hilux ute (272,857km and not in working order) sold for $1900 and a 2007 Hilux (282,259km) sold for $5250.

The 2011 Great Wall V200 DTI (64,011km) made $3500 and the 2003 DX 4.2 Nissan Patrol ute (381,254km) was knocked down for $6250.

A 1994 Toyota Landcruiser (408,065km) with no working handbrake, sold for $7500 to Multi-Ag Nutrient Supplies, Coomberdale while a green 2005 T404 SAR Kenworth truck (700,000km) made $52,000.

A set of road train trailers with dolly made $53,500.

A CLAAS 620C front wheel-assist with loader sold for $40,500 and a Cat 12H grader was competitively bid up to $130,000.

An army truck with no registration or licence sold for $10,500.

Two Bourgault 6350 air seeders including the bin and bar were both passed-in but were later settled for $60,000 each, with both outfits going to the Three Springs area.

A Kwik Kleen grain cleaner sold for $4500 and Gregoire Besson mouldboard plough with four ‘legs’ sold for $9000.

An Amazon ZG-B 8200 eight tonne spreader sold for $13,000 and a Scannel’s hay bale trail feeder sold for $14,250 to Minninup Pastoral Company.

At 10.4 metres (34ft), a pasture topper superior slasher bought in a profitable $14,600, while a JCB Telehandler with bucket and fork attachments sold to Durawah Pastoral Company, Chapman Valley for $36,000.

A single bid of $10 secured a one point ripper, which while sporting a rusted exterior, was in working condition.

A post hole digger and rake sold for $2800, while a 2.5 tonne Mitsubishi forklift (8768hrs) sold for $7000.

A servicing trailer, which included an air compressor and storage, sold for $4000.

Fencing equipment was a stand-out with other livestock owners buying anything from wire to steel posts.

Electric fence equipment sold for between $50 and $110 with wire strainers and chains selling for $90.

A spinning Jenny and some steel posts went to Tunney Cattle Company for $250.

There were eight lots of pine strainers up for grabs, with prices ranging between $200 and $450.

Gabyon Pastoral Company, Irwin, bought four of the eight lots and also a cement trough for $150.

A total of 150 new wool packs went to Clayton Park Grazing Company for $1700, at $11.33 each.

A VE sheep handling machine sold for $3400 and a mulesing craddle, in working order, sold for $1700.

Nine sheep feed troughs were sold for $100 each; four hay rings sold between $350 and $400 and 25 sheep feeders were knocked down – four Advantage sheep feeders sold between $800 and $1700; five Universal feeders sold between $2000 and $2200; eight Moylan feeders sold for between $2100 and $2400 and eight other large feeders made between $2500 and $2900.

A sheep feed trailer in good condition sold for $6400 to Yarney station, while a smaller portable feeder sold for $500.

A set of McDougall transportable sheep yards, which were in an excellent condition, sold for $19,500, with a licenced sheep trailer with holding pens selling for $12,250.

A Proway sheep handling trailer, which caught a lot attention, finally sold to Dandaragan Sheep Services for $21,250.

There were 460 bales of Baroota Wonder hay for sale, with bales selling between $56 and $62 a bale.

Two blue pencil augers sold for $1200 and $1300, respectively, while Burando Hill Farm King 1041 augers sold for between $7000 and $8000, with a 1061 model selling for $15,750.

A Rapid Plastic firefighter, with an 800L tank and a metal frame sold for $2800.

Nufab Industries purchased two sprinklers for $650 and $1000, respectively, also purchasing a Solaris 55 tractor with attachments for $5100.

Ag Impliments showed some interest on the day, taking home many lots including a set of metal cabinets ($325), a 500L firefighter ($1800), a Kerfab loader bucket ($2600), a chemical trailer ($8500), a licensed Nissan truck with a crate ($6000), a 30m (100ft) Sonic weed seeker with a 3000L tank ($50,000) and a Bredal 20t Super Spreader ($50,000).

A Honda water pump sold for $90, and a chemical pump sold to Canberra Springs for $410.

Windmill vanes went to Metal Art Creations Kalbarri artist Peter James, who purchased the eight pannels for $20.

Cement dividers sold for $800 with seven dividers in the lot, while other dividers sold for $350.

The day finished up in the shed with the last 58 sundry lots.

Included were five seperate lots of John Deere guidance equipment, which sold for between $600 and $10,000.

An Airman PDS1253 air compressor made $8250 and a Kubota 12kVA diesel generator went to Mullewa for $5000.

In total 358 lots were successfully sold at the auction with 13 lots being passed-in, including tyres, v-belts, tractor hubs, a chemical pump, bags of cement, gate parts and some seeder parts.


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