Discover benefits of Lamb Master breed

Discover benefits of Lamb Master breed

Lamb Master breeding ewes from the stud's H500 family.

Lamb Master breeding ewes from the stud's H500 family.


IN 2017 Lamb Master sheep stud launched a new breed into the Australian sheep market and it is now a registered trade mark.


IN 2017 Lamb Master sheep stud launched a new breed into the Australian sheep market and it is now a registered trade mark.

There was an overwhelming market response to this opportunity with all available sale rams being sold within the first week following advertising in Farm Weekly.

Stud manager Brent Watson and stud master Neil Garnett said the benefits of the Lamb Master breed include high fertility, excellent body structure, early growth to maturity, full shedding white coat, sound feet and all terrain physical mobility.

“The sheep are only grassfed in order to protect their fertility and longevity and to allow those with the best constitution to express their superior qualities,” Brent said.

“We promote the evolution of the breed through continuous selection to reflect market demand.”

Neil said their 2018 new generation lambs were displaying increased growth rates and an improved body structure, with overall quality and evenness.

The stud is now taking orders for rams available in 2018.

In late August Neil will class the rams and those animals will be available for delivery in September and October.

Flock rams will fall into quality/pricing grades of $1000, $1250, $1500 and $1800 plus GST ($1100, $1375, $1650 and $1980 inc GST), while stud rams will be priced from $2000 to $5000 plus GST ($2200-$5500 inc GST).

Confirmed orders will be filled in order of receipt and interested buyers are asked to contact Neil to discuss their annual ram requirements.

This year the stud will be making small ‘starter groups’ of Lamb Master ewes available for the first time.

Brent said the stud was looking to breeders of white shedding type sheep to make contact with them and discuss Lamb Master ram breeding opportunities and what they can do for them.

Another new venture for the stud in 2018 is that it intends to announce a Lamb Master ram breeding program in all Australian States later in the year once an information gathering period and discussions with interested breeders are complete.

Brent said their intention is to have Lamb Master breeders strategically located in sheep breeding regions in Australia, which would provide rams to the industry that are classified to Lamb Master breed standards.

For producers wanting to get to know more about the Lamb Master breed the stud will hold its first public field day on Friday, March 16, 2018, between 1pm and 4pm at 1465 Osmington Rd, Margaret River (turn into Hobson Rd and follow the signs about 500m).

The formalities will commence at 2pm with both Neil and Brent presenting information about the breed and future plans for the stud.

Also during the afternoon the stud will display about 160 adult animals including ewes and lambs for inspection.

Brent and Neil will be available on the afternoon to answer questions and to discuss ram sales and breeding opportunities as well.

For further details on the field day refer to the advertisement on page 21 in this week’s Farm Weekly.

- More information: contact Neil Garnett or phone 0418 855 406 or Brent Watson (08) 9757 8135.


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