All needs catered for at Boyanup sale

All needs catered for at Boyanup sale

On offer in the sale will be 20 PTIC Angus-Friesian, first-cross heifers from Donnybrook producers     G & B Cooper.

On offer in the sale will be 20 PTIC Angus-Friesian, first-cross heifers from Donnybrook producers G & B Cooper.


THERE will be a vast selection of cattle to suit everyone’s needs at this month’s Elders Boyanup store sale.


THERE will be a vast selection of cattle to suit everyone’s needs at this month’s Elders Boyanup store sale.

The sale scheduled for next Friday, February 9, will commence at 1.30pm and will feature 1000 head.

The yarding will include a good line-up of beef cattle – both steers and heifers – and the usual run of Friesian steers and first-cross steers and heifers.

Elders South West livestock manager Michael Carroll said the yarding was going to be a good one with weaners and the usual store cattle being presented.

“The sale will start off with liveweight beef steers and heifers and an assortment of breeds and there are lines suitable for both feeders and graziers,” Mr Carroll said.

“The sale will also feature a large line-up of dairy steers which will be sold liveweight and by appraisal, including a good selection of Friesian poddies.”

The sale will kick off with the beef steer and heifer offering.

A feature in these lines will be a couple of pens of well-bred Angus heifers suitable as future breeders.

They will include 13 Angus heifers from Rosewella Downs, Dardanup.

The 16 to 18-month-old, exceptionally quiet heifers were purchased in by the operation as weaners and grown out.

Elders Boyanup agent Mal Barrett said the line was a top draft of Angus heifers which would make lovely breeding matrons.

“They are vendor guaranteed fit to breed and show good growth and feminine traits,” Mr Barrett said.

Another quality line of Angus heifers which will be ideally suited as future breeders will come from MK & RE Barnes, Dardanup.

The Dardanup operation will present 10 Angus heifers aged 16-18 months which are all unjoined and suitable for breeding.

Mr Barrett said this line had been purchased in as weaners from RF & RE Walker, Wilga and grown out.

“They are a good line of heifers which will make good future breeders,” he said.

The Barnes will also send in 15 Angus and Murray Grey steers in the 16-18mo age range.

Beverley operation Glenroy Trading Co will be one of the biggest vendors in the beef steer and heifer lines with 40 Murray Grey calves (20 steers and 20 heifers).

The 8-10mo silver calves have been bred from the operation’s 105-head breeding herd in which WA Murray Grey genetics are used.

The line is expected to average about 280 kilograms and will have been weaned for 10 days come sale time.

The calves have had a single 7in1 vaccination, B12 and selenium and Vitamin A, D and E treatments.

Syd Wheatley & Son, Bridgetown, will present 40 calves when it trucks in 20 black Simmental steers alongside 10 Simmental steers and 10 Simmental heifers, which are all 8-10mo.

The final big vendor in the beef section will be Ferguson Valley operation HW Griffiths & Co, which will present 30 Angus heifers.

The 8-10mo heifers will weigh 320-340kg and will be ideal for feedlotting or grass fattening.

The Friesian steer line-up will have a good range of steers to suit all buyers, ranging in age from four to 24 months.

Offering bigger lines in the older age bracket will be Dudinalup Pastoral, Nannup, which will present 30 steers (20-24mo), while GG & GG Miller, Nannup, will offer 32 head (18-20mo) and Alf & Rose Russo Family Trust, Busselton, will truck in 30 steers (18-20mo) which were purchased in and grown out.

In the 10-14mo age bracket, the bigger offerings will come from RW & KM Oates, Busselton, 30 head (10-12mo) and Jesmond Dairy, 25 head (12-14mo).

In the poddie offering, Scott River operation First Australian Farmland will feature heavily with 100 Friesian steers and 50 Friesian cross steers.

Both lines are owner-bred and come from the operation’s 1200-head milking herd and are aged 4-6mo.

Both lines have been drenched and received a B12 treatment.

Karridale dairy Peninsula Downs will also be a big vendor of poddies in the sale with 60 owner-bred poddies (4-6mo) - 30 Friesians and 30 Friesian cross.

Tutunup operation Negus Enterprises will truck in its monthly draft this time consisting of 50 Friesian steers aged 4-6mo which have been dehorned and had all the health treatments.

Another regular monthly vendor West & Haggerty, Capel, will also feature with a large line of poddies when it trucks in 30 Friesian steers and six Montbeliarde steers all aged 3-4mo.

The steers are all owner-bred and have had all the work done meaning they are just waiting to go out in the paddock and grow.

They have been drenched, vaccinated and dehorned.

In the mated first-cross female section of the sale, a line of 20 PTIC Angus-Friesian, first-cross heifers from G & B Cooper, Donnybrook, shouldn’t be missed.

The line was purchased in at 16-18mo from Tasca Holdings, Boyanup and are PTIC to Angus bull following a short 34-day joining.

The line is due to calve from May 13 to June 13.

Mr Barrett said the heifers from the Coopers are a nice even line and would suit buyers looking for a later calving.


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