Gate 2 Plate Challenge entries now open

Gate 2 Plate Challenge entries now open


ENTRIES are now open for the 2018 Harvey Beef Gate 2 Plate Challenge.


ENTRIES are now open for the 2018 Harvey Beef Gate 2 Plate Challenge.

Now in its fourth year, the Harvey Beef Gate 2 Plate Challenge is continuing to grow in popularity, with producers keen to enter their cattle and gain valuable commercial performance feedback.

Places in the competition are limited and fill up on a first come, first-served basis, so if you want to be guaranteed a spot, get your entries in now.

Entries for the 2018 event will close 5pm, Wednesday November 1, and please note the change to the way the entry fee payment is structured, with a deposit of only $450 necessary at the initial registration.

The remaining fee of $1200 will be taken out of the proceeds from the cattle at the completion of the competition.

This is due to the support of Landmark Finance, with no associated fees attached.

The entry fee covers all costs associated with grain-finishing cattle in a normal commercial situation, including feedlot costs, transport, management tags and induction medications.

Challenge event co-ordinator Sheena Smith said given the feedback from the number of entries received in the past, the competition had been extremely popular with producers looking to further their knowledge of their cattle breeding objectives.

“The previous three challenges have shown any breed of cattle can win, the first two years saw Euro cross cattle place first and a British Breed team won last year,” she said.

“Those that have been in the competition from the outset really value the data and are able to make decisions on breeding types for best dollar return outcome.”

“By comparing and analysing all the different team’s carcase and growth data, producers are able to gain an insight into their breeding objectives and a better understanding of the whole supply chain.

“It’s about opening conversations and questioning how you do things, and I think the competition field days, detailed data booklet and all the information competitors receive is paramount to that learning.”

The majority of the competition rules and regulations for the upcoming 2018 competition will remain in line with past years, aside from a few detail clarifications.

It is encouraged that all entrants read the detailed rules and regulations guide thoroughly (available on the Gate 2 Plate Challenge website) before delivering their team to the competition to ensure their cattle avoid disqualification, as entry fees are non-refundable.

With steers on feed for 89 days and heifers for 76 days, prospective entrants are encouraged to select cattle with a suggested entry weight between 330-350kg, which will set them up to perform to meet the processor’s specifications.

The Harvey Beef Gate 2 Plate Challenge is a fantastic event to get involved in because it provides comparative information on the performance of various breeds and types of cattle, which is not easy to collect in a normal situation.

“Producers will have the ability to use the competition information in their business to possibly increase dollar return and this is valuable data,” Ms Smith said.

“All data is measurable and reflects back to the most profitable animals, and this information can be used for herd improvement to supply what the market requires.”


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