Blame it on the rain, says naked farmer

Cootamundra rain inspires sheep farmer to dance in paddock


Cootamundra sheep farmer strips down to dance after rain brings new promise.


Stock farmer Alec Scott was so excited about the this week’s heavy rain he stripped down and did a happy dance in the paddock.

The Scott family has been farming their Cootamundra property, North Carinyah, for three generations and can read the weather well.

“We were sitting on the verandah yesterday watching the storm roll in from the west,” said Alec on Wednesday.

“This kind of rain event only happens here every few years but  we knew what was coming,” he said.

Cootamundra sheep farmer Alec Scott strips down for rain dance

Alec’s partner Emma Nugent filmed the moment of jubilation but she wasn’t expecting the strip.

“I had just phoned the kids up at the house and told them to come down,” she said. “Then he stripped off and I called them back to say ‘wait a few minutes’!”

The whole family joined in the fun after Alec got dressed.

“We surfed on boogie boards for a bit and then the kids did circle work in the mud in the buggy,” said Emma.

The rain brings joy for this farming family.

“It means I won’t need to give feed to the sheep,” said Alec. “I have feed in the shed for them, but very shortly they will be able to eat off the land.”

What this rain means to farmers is summed up by Alec: “20 ml in 20 minutes equals one happy farmer!”

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