Weaners to dominate two-day store sale

Weaners to dominate two-day store sale


The sale at Boyanup will feature 1500 beef steers and heifers, with the majority of the yarding being weaners.


THERE will be no better place to be if you are looking for beef feeder and yearling cattle than the first day of Landmark’s upcoming two-day Boyanup store sale.

The sale at Boyanup next Friday, November 30 will feature 1500 beef steers and heifers, with the majority of the yarding being weaners.

There will not only be a range of breeds in the line-up including Angus, Murray Grey, Charolais and Belgian Blue, but also a range of weights, meaning there will be cattle to suit all buyer requirements.

Landmark South West manager Matt Watts said the yarding for the sale would consist mainly of first and annual drafts of new season calves, ranging from seven to 10 months old.

“The majority of the calves on offer will weigh from 300 to 340kg but there will also be a good selection of heavy calves weighing more than 350kg for buyers looking for these types,” Mr Watts said.

“Lotfeeders, graziers and restockers will not be disappointed with the quality of the yarding on offer.

“A large percentage of the calves will come from producers in the Bridgetown, Manjimup and Pemberton areas and will be in top condition after running in plenty of spring feed with their mothers.

“Angus calves will dominate the offering, but there will also be a good line-up of Murray Grey and Euro infused calves presented in the sale.”

One of the stand-out lines in the sale will be a quality draft of Angus calves from the Pemberton paddocks of RH Omodei & Son, their first for the season.

The Pemberton operation has nominated 40 steers and 60 heifers for the sale.

The 9-10-month-old calves are based on Diamond Tree/Gandy and Mordallup Angus bloodlines.

Landmark Margaret River agent Jock Embry said the operation’s calves were always highly sought after, particularly the heifers.

“The heifers in the offering have the potential to be future breeders,” Mr Embry said.

“They are a genuine line of heifers and the top of the operation’s drop as it isn’t keeping any this year.”

The steers in the offering are expected to weigh 320 to 370 kilograms, while the heifers will be between 330-400kg.

Another line of Angus not to be missed will be TJ & MB Waugh’s first draft for the year.

The Manjimup-based operation has nominated 60 steers and 40 heifers, which are aged 9-10mo and based on Coonamble and Diamond Tree/Gandy Angus bloodlines.

Mr Embry said the line would weigh from 300-370kg.

Coming in from Pemberton will be 70 mixed sex Angus calves from BJ Dunnet Family Trust, which will be the operation’s annual draft.

The draft is based on Mordallup and Diamond Tree bloodlines and Mr Watts said they would be a good line of heavy calves weighing more than 360kg.

There will be a number of calves on offer from Bridgetown producers and the largest of these will be Dwalganup Grazing.

The operation will present 200 mixed sex calves and the calves will be the first draft for the season off the property.

The 8mo calves are based on Coonamble bloodlines and are expected to weigh 280-320kg.


Fellow Bridgetown operation Mogale Pty Ltd will also have numbers in the sale when it trucks in its first draft for the year.

The operation has nominated 120 mixed sex calves, which are 8mo and based on Coonamble bloodlines. The line will weigh 300-360kg.

Bowie Beef, Bridgetown, will also line up calves in the sale when it trucks in 46 mixed sex Angus calves.

The 8mo calves are based on Monterey Angus breeding and are expected to range between 280-350kg.

Busselton operation CG & AM Wills & Son will also be represented in the Angus run of weaners, with 30 steers and 20 heifers, aged 9-10mo.

Mr Embry said the Wills family’s calves were based on Cherylton and Diamond Tree/Gandy Angus bloodlines and would weigh from 320-370kg.

Rounding out the bigger vendors of Angus calves will be Coolup Grazing, Coolup, with its first draft of calves for the year.

The Coolup-based operation has nominated 85 mixed sex Angus calves aged 9mo.

The line is based on Diamond Tree Angus bloodlines and will weigh 290-350kg on sale day.

Outside the pens of black calves, Buckingham Beef will offer 50 mixed sex Chargrey calves which will weigh 300-350kg.



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