Beef steers sell to 298c/kg at Manjimup

Beef steers sell to 298c/kg at Manjimup


Elders, Landmark and Primaries put up a yarding of 140 head, up from 124 offered at the October fixture.


NUMBERS were up slightly at the monthly combined agents trade cattle sale at Manjimup recently.

Together, the South West teams from Elders, Landmark and Primaries put up a yarding of 140 head, up from 124 offered at the October fixture.

The majority of the yarding was lightweight with stock suitable to a range of needs and by the end of the sale, clerking sheets featured grazier, processor and live shipping accounts.

Lightweight vealer heifers made from 190-224c/kg, while light vealer bulls reached 220-300c/kg.

Yearling trade heifers score two and three ranged from 190-228c/kg and yearling bucket reared dairy type steers score one and two sold to 185c/kg while cows in the heavyweight category (score four) sold between 160-200c/kg.

Primaries held a substantial portion of the sale, presenting 105 head to buyers.

These achieved a top price of 200c/kg and $1410 for a pen of two Angus cows from Rim Rock Grazing which sold to Western Meat Packers (WMP).

Heifer values in the Primaries yarding reached $889 and 228c/kg when a single Angus heifer weighing 390kg from DW & JM Phillips was bought by SS Stoiche.

The Phillips’ operation also saw good money for a single Angus steer at 340kg which sold to Forrest Downs for 270c/kg and $918 to top steer values in the Primaries yarding.

Lightweight bulls reached $795 and 300c/kg in this section of the sale, when JD & JP Hettner sold a 265kg Murray Grey to Vulcan Downs.

Moving on, the Landmark team yarded 23 head at auction, reaching a top price of 298c/kg for a pen of five Charolais steers from DJ & EAD Mildenhall, which averaged 380kg and cost Forrest Downs $1132/head.

Forrest Downs also went to 280c/kg for some Limousin cross heifers and steers, with three heifers averaging 363kg and costing $1017, while the two steers averaged 345kg and cost $966.


WMP operated on a number of pens, paying a top of 240c/kg and $1356 for a single Charolais steer from DJ & EAD Mildenhall weighing 565kg and a top dollar per head price of $1895 for a single Angus bull which tipped the scales at 1030kg from WD & IM Phillips & Son at 184c/kg.

The Elders yarding reached just 12, mostly consisting of bulls with WMP and Livestock Shipping Services (LSS) buying most between them.

Prices in the Elders yarding topped at 280c/kg paid for a single Angus bull weighing 310kg from ID Muir, fetching $868, paid by LSS, while a pen of two Angus cows from D & MC Bevan reached 184c/kg and $1168 when WMP outlaid the sum.

Steer values reached 220c/kg and $1133 for a single Angus weighing 515kg from D Cassettai, also bought by WMP.



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