Grazing quality ramped up at Esperance

Grazing quality ramped up at Esperance


Rancho East has a history of being recognised as one of Esperance’s standout beef production units


RANCHO East has a history of being recognised as one of Esperance’s standout beef production units and the four contiguous freehold titles are part of the productive Esperance plains.

Being 42 kilometres east of Esperance and close to the South Coast, the area is considered very reliable for Australian standards.

Situated along the coast, Esperance provides the main export option through the deep water port.

The town is the major service centre for the agricultural industry and includes a multi-species abattoir.

The Esperance district has been recognised as one of the most reliable districts for receiving consistent average annual rainfall and Rancho East is in the highest rainfall district, with about 600 millimetres a year.

The climate is considered Mediterranean with mild winters and soft summers, providing substantial pasture growth throughout the year.

With the close proximity to the coast, the region is considered frost-free.

Pastures on Rancho East are a mix of sub-clovers, serradella and annual grasses with a background of kikuyu, ensuring that annual rainfall is fully utilised.

Fertiliser applications comprise super potash at 150 kilograms per hectare and three to five tonnes per hectare of lime over the past two years, which have assisted in quality pasture production.

Rancho East has been designed and managed to maximise pasture conversion with cell and traditional grazing which have complemented the 3000-head cattle feedlot.

The property is fully developed with 1550 grazing hectares, including a cell grazing system of 620ha.

There are 31 cells of 20ha per cell.

Production from the cell system and the more traditional grazing has been producing 250 kilograms of weight gain per hectare per annum.

The feedlot consists of 17 pens with concrete feeding troughs.

Each animal has an average space of 83 square metres.

Feedlot water is supplied from two submersible pumps which each have 120 litre per minute capacity.

Water is pumped to a 250,000 litre tank and then pumped to troughs.

Forage crops of ryegrass and oats are grown annually for silage.

In 2018, 8500 tonnes were cut from 504ha, with the ryegrass yielding 8t/ha and the oats 5t/ha.

Silage is an important component of the feed ration for the feedlot and can also be used as a supplement for grazing cattle over summer.

The infrastructure is a valuable component of Rancho East.

The cattle yards are all steel with concreted pens and a working capacity of 450 head and holding capacity of 600 head.

A Silencer crush helps make cattle processing more enjoyable.


There are many sheds including hay, machinery, a workshop, grain/fertiliser shed and a large feed preparation facility.

There is also a comfortable three-bedroom, one-bathroom residence with reticulated gardens.

The home has a kitchen and dining area, lounge and family room, office, laundry, verandah, car port and a garage.

The total area of the house and verandah is 288m2.

Rancho East is one of the best properties on the market in the very reliable area of Esperance and is definitely worthy of an inspection.

  • Price: EOI closing Tuesday, December 18, 2018
  • Location: Esperance
  • Area: 1606ha
  • Agent: Elders Real Estate
  • Contact: Rob Johnstone  0407 192 079


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