A standout for the southern Wheatbelt

A standout for the southern Wheatbelt


An opportunity has arisen with the aggregation of Minni Downs and Rockwater.


AN outstanding opportunity has arisen with the aggregation of Minni Downs and Rockwater, west of Varley in the southern Wheatbelt.

Originally consisting of three separate farms, the Minni Downs set of properties was acquired first and later added to with the acquisition of Rockwater, just across the road.

Together the properties form a substantial farming business and support three families plus seasonal staff from time to time.

Typical of many farms in the district, the properties feature wide open paddocks with long-run lines set up for continuous cropping.

Part of Minni Downs was featured in the early implementation of the ‘tram line’ method of controlled traffic farming and while tram lining is no longer in use on the properties, modern guidance systems are used to maximise efficiency in farming operations.

The main operational centre for the farms was set up at Minni Downs.

The owner/managers reside in the modern comfortable five-bedroom, two-bathroom home that is set well back from the road and has views over the paddocks to the north.

A renovated three-bedroom cottage situated an appropriate distance from the main residence provides comfortable accommodation for visitors and employees.

Farming infrastructure on Minni Downs includes a large, high clearance machinery shed, two fertiliser sheds, silos, Flexi-N tanks, an older shearing shed which is used for storage and a well equipped workshop where servicing, repairs and often equipment fabrication is carried out.

Ample supply of good, clean water is available from extensive rainwater tanks and dams across the property, equipped with solar pumps and tanks from where water for spraying is obtained.

Minni Downs is boundary fenced with tree-lined access roads through the property which provide easy access for heavy trucks.

Most of the old internal fences been removed to create efficient cropping compartments.

The farms feature mainly undulating country with medium soil types over most of the property that are relatively easy to work.

Nutrient levels have been maintained with an ongoing liming program in place.


Weed burdens have been well managed and the propery is well set up for cropping in 2019, including an area of fallow land.

Across the road from Minni Downs is Rockwater, named for the abundant water supplies collected from the large granite rock near the main infrastructure site on the property.

Rockwater has a renovated brick home in pleasant surrounds with a demountable unit for temporary accommodation nearby to service the needs of seasonal workers.

Another large, high clearance machinery shed is within walking distance of the houses and has a concrete floored section for machinery repairs and servicing.

Grain and fertiliser storage on Rockwater is well away from the house and close to the road for easy access for trucks.

Rockwater, while set up for continuous cropping, has internal fencing for running livestock.

Selling agent Jeff Douglas, Elders Real Estate, said while the property had not been on the market long, there was strong interest from both corporate and private buyers keen to secure such a large tract of productive land in this reliable area.

  • Price: $8.9m
  • Location: Mt Sheridan
  • Area: 7558.8ha
  • Agent: Elders Real Estate
  • Contact: Jeff Douglas 0427 425 689

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