Terlinga ewes top Kojonup sale at $154

Terlinga ewes top Kojonup sale at $154


A total of 8714 ewes was offered at the sale and there was a 100 per cent clearance.


A GENUINE dispersal of the Terlinga Farms ewe breeding flock attracted a good crowd of buyers to the recent Elders Kojonup sheep sale where prices topped at $154 for a line of 3.5yo ewes.

A total of 8714 ewes was offered at the sale and there was a 100 per cent clearance for a gross of just over $1.19m and an average of $137.

The majority of the yarding – 5972 head – were 1.5yo ewes and these averaged $128.

The Terlinga dispersal kicked things off, with the total offering of 1.5yo-4.5yos catching plenty of admiring looks prior to the start of the sale.

All the Terlinga ewes were bred on Wallinar bloodlines and were November shorn with the flock average sitting at 18.5 micron with a wool cut of just under 6kg.

The top price line consisted of 647 3.5yo ewes that sold for $154 to Ross Tyndale-Powell, Elders Mingenew, who had a large buying order for clients in Mullewa, Mingenew and Morawa.

Other higher prices in the Terlinga offering included $150 again paid by Mr Tyndale-Powell for a line of 558 2.5yo ewes, while a line of 500 1.5yos was also heading north with Mr Tyndale-Powell taking these for $146.

Mr Tyndale-Powell dominated the Terlinga dispersal by taking another line of 1.5yos offered, which went for $140 and consisted of 500 head.

J McLeod, Collie, snapped up a line of 449 4.5yo ewes from the Terlinga offering for $130 to cap off a very successful dispersal for the Cranbrook operation.

The second highest price of the sale was set at $152 and was paid for a line of 174 1.5yo, Willemenup blood, November shorn ewes that was offered by FT Diprose & Co, Katanning.

These ewes were bought by IJ Collins, Kendenup.

Not far behind this price was a line of 296 1.5yo, October shorn, Mianelup blood ewes offered by RJ Hewett and bought by Pardee Grazing Co, Kendenup, for $151.

A line of 535 1.5yo October shorn ewes bred on MerinoTech bloodlines and offered by Dare Farming was sold for $149 and bought by PG Cook, while a line of 228 1.5yo, Culbin Park blood, October shorn ewes offered by WB & N Harrison was bought by TR & KA Bleechmore, Boyup Brook, for $147.

Dumbitt Pastoral Co offered a line of 108 MPM blood, November shorn 1.5yo ewes and these made $148 when bought by Ashdan WA, Bridgetown.

Morgan Bros, Cranbrook, offered a line of 299 1.5yo, Woodyarrup blood, December shorn ewes which sold for $145 to RM & D Mitchell, Albany, who also paid $140 for a line of 1.5yo, Woodyarrup blood, November shorn ewes offered by IG & BE Woodruff, Darkan.

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A line of 139 1.5yo, Anderson blood, October shorn ewes offered by DM & CJ Tombleson sold for $143 to EM & RG Warburton, Wandering, while a line of 406 1.5yo ewes offered by Mooringa Farms that were bred on Mooringa bloodlines and November shorn sold to Elders Mingenew.

Also making good money was a line of 244 1.5yo Billandri blood, October shorn ewes that was offered by Greenhill Estate and bought by TE & KB Morgan, Boyup Brook.

In the older ewe category a line of 195 2.5yo-4.5yo ewes that were Mooringa blood and October shorn and offered by Mooringa Farms sold for $137 to RJ & BR Friend, Manjimup, while a second line of Mooringa Farms 2.5yo-4.5yos went for $128 to Baxter Seven Oaks, Kojonup.

Rounding out the sale was a line of 539 4.5yo, Performance Bred, November shorn ewes offered by B Waldock Trust, Quindanning and bought by NL & DH Loveland, Kojonup.

What the agent said:

JAMIE Hart, Elders Kojonup, said the last Kojonup sheep sale for 2018 was a success with strong values across the board.

“Once again we had good grazier support with northern Wheatbelt buyers also in action which helped the market today,” Mr Hart said.

“The sheep presented well and it was pleasing to see them staying in the WA system to add to flock numbers in this State.

“Overall it was a pleasing result and a good way to finish 2018.”


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