You will never unsee two deadly funnel web spiders having sex

Australian Reptile Park breeds and extracts venom from deadly funnel web spiders

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It's Australia's only funnel web milking program.


You can’t unsee it.

Arachnid experts at the Australian Reptile Park have been breeding funnel web spiders, contributing to a large-scale breeding and antivenom program.

The Park’s spider team have paired funnel webs 80 times over the past week as part of the only funnel web venom extraction program in Australia.

Funnel web antivenom was developed in 1981, before which 13 deaths had been recorded as a result of the dangerous spider’s bite. No fatalities have been recorded since that time.

“This is an exciting time as it’s the first time the Australian Reptile Park has bred funnel web spiders and we are getting some interesting results,” Kane Christensen, the Park’s head of spiders, said.

“Out of 80 pairings, we have only had 3 instances of fighting which is in contrast to popular belief that female spiders eat the males after mating.”

Mr Christensen said the Park is expecting to see around 20 egg sacks as a result of the breeding program in coming months.

The Reptile Park released a video clip of two spiders coupling, set to a 70s-porno-funk bass riff, on its Facebook page on Friday. The clip has since been viewed around 43,000 times.

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