Livestock app uptake reaches 1000

Support grows for new livestock app


A new livestock app provides improved market access for farmers.


MORE than 1000 farmers, processors and livestock agents across WA and interstate have taken up using the LIVEstock Pricing app which became available in December.

The quick uptake of the app was due to “improved market access” for users according to LIVEstock Pricing founder and managing director Rob Kelly.

Mr Kelly was one of the key people behind the development of CBH’s DailyGrain service, initially developed by Plum Grove, to give growers better access to daily grain prices.

He said the app was the only one of its kind which takes the prices paid by buyers and sends them out to producers.

“We launched the app in December and already we have 1000 on there,” Mr Kelly said.

“We’ve been lucky – it’s worked out well.

“The majority of the processors in WA are using it.

“We’ve even won an award.”

Mr Kelly said the product was a tool for day to day decision making on farm.

He said it gave users greater market access with a national platform. 

The app compiles Australian sheep, cattle and goat prices into a simple mobile format which can be accessed anywhere. 

Prices can be filtered and sorted, searches can be saved for easy future access, and users can compare prices across States.

The app also has a newsfeed with the latest market headlines to keep users informed.

Mr Kelly said the idea for LIVEstock Pricing came from frustration over the lack of price information available for his family’s farming enterprise in Western Australia.

“From a farm business perspective, not having that kind of information makes the day to day decision making process harder,” he said.

“It is very easy to get an indicator of what the grain market is doing compared to livestock markets, which normally involves phone calls to agents or reading weekly reports. 

“But there is nothing in those reports which indicate how many buyers there are and what impact that might be having on pricing.

“LIVEstock Pricing provides this information in an easily accessible format and arms producers with the right information to help them make informed marketing decisions.”

One of the key features of the app is the ability for producers to add their local agent to their profile, enabling them to contact the agent directly when prices look attractive.

For buyers, the app helps to ensure prices reach as many suppliers as possible, increasing buyers’ market access.

“They are giving sellers a number every day, giving them a much better chance to ensure they have a consistent supply of livestock,” he said.

“Ultimately, we would like to see LIVEstock Pricing break down communication barriers between buyers and sellers, which will be to everyone’s benefit.”

The app also offers value to agents and consultants as a quick reference to the market beyond their own private transactions and, by keeping clients up-to-date on market conditions, allows more time for marketing strategies and effective decision making.

The app will be regularly updated based on feedback from platform users.

LIVEstock Pricing is available for download from Google Play and the App Stores.


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