Open letter to animal activists

Open letter to animal activists


Dear Mr and Ms Animal Activist, Western Australians have a message for you...

Geraldton MP and proud meat eater, Ian Blayney.

Geraldton MP and proud meat eater, Ian Blayney.

DEAR Mr and Ms Animal Activist, Western Australians have a message for you - eating meat is here to stay.

Despite your often dangerous protests and stunts, the vast majority of the community will continue chewing that chop or chomping on a steak that has been brought to the dinner table by hardworking local farmers.

Now we know that you won't and this is your right, but too many of us welcome the opportunity to devour a T-bone for the meat industry to go away.

We understand that you won't be feasting on a fillet any time soon, but that doesn't make all bacon aficionados wrong.

Indeed, what makes it right for a small minority to tell us how to live our lives?

Australians are mostly a middle-of-the road, balanced mob.

Our way has been to allow people to do as they please as long as they don't interfere with others.

Most of us uphold the values of freedom of speech and we acknowledge the differing opinion of others.

If you want to be a vegan, good luck to you.

You can choose not to eat meat.

But we do.

And Mr and Ms Activist, you're going to have to accept it because most of us aren't going to stop any time soon.

There isn't a right to interfere with and disrupt legitimate businesses just because you don't like our life choices.

Geraldton MP Ian Blayney has asked animal activists to respect the opinion and lifestyle choices of people who eat meat.

Geraldton MP Ian Blayney has asked animal activists to respect the opinion and lifestyle choices of people who eat meat.

Indeed, my pick for dinner is nothing to do with you, even if it is a well grilled rib-eye.

How many eaters of a juicy tenderloin rally outside or inside a vegan restaurant?

That gets back to the majority of Western Australians being level headed.

Maybe that is a consequence of eating meat.

Protesting towards diners at a legitimate restaurant is un-Australian.

We've heard your chants.

You claim through your activism you care deeply about animals and you spruik your actions to alleviate the suffering of farm animals.

However Mr and Ms Activist, you fail to comprehend that, ironically, your behaviour and reckless approach are putting at risk the well-being of the pigs, goats, sheep and cattle about which you cry so much.

Farmers have an in-depth knowledge of biosecurity issues, farming equipment and animal behaviour.

You don't.

Do you think the cow you release or the pig pen you destroy will enable the animal to have a better life?

It won't.

Every farmer I know takes great pride in their business and they produce world-best produce while adhering to stringent animal welfare conditions.

You overlook that.

If you are successful and manage to destroy the livestock industry, where do you think the thousands of Australians employed in the industry and throughout the supply chain are going to work?

Jobs don't mean much to you.

Tell that to someone trying to look after their family.

Should thousands of farmers lose their jobs they would all have to move to the cities and employment opportunities would become even more competitive.

And then we'll import meat for them to eat.


Perhaps Mr and Ms Activist can put down their bowls of lentils and contemplate this for a second.

Too many of us rely on our farmers.

Their demise would significantly impact us all.

Am I making the picture clearer for you?

Farmers and their industries are not going to go away.

You cannot continue to attack our farmers without there being some sort of consequence.

And it is time the full force of the law is thrust your way.

Farming families should be able to enjoy the privacy of their homes, just like the rest of us and deserve to be protected and be free to carry out their lawful business activities.

Stop maliciously threatening to invade their home.

Nobody is threatening to climb over your fences to steal your bowls of adzuki beans.

I can assure you Mr and Ms Activist, you will be punished.

The behaviour you are displaying is unacceptable and I can only hope, that for your sake, as well as the rest of us, you start to accept that we are going to have to get along and co-exist in this world.

Farmers battle drought, hail and fire to bring high-quality food to the tables of Western Australians.

We should all be proud of the standards they achieve and we should all be supporting them.

But we also value and respect your opinion and lifestyle choices.

It's time for you to accept ours.

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