Lupin spotlight on the Expo cooking stage

Lupin spotlight on the Expo cooking stage

Tanya Kitto from My Provincial Kitchen will be demonstrating ways to cook with lupin products at this year's Expo.

Tanya Kitto from My Provincial Kitchen will be demonstrating ways to cook with lupin products at this year's Expo.


Cooking with lupins will be focus at this week's Mingenew Midwest Expo.


LOTS of yummy lupin food."

That was Tanya Kitto's response when asked what to expect from her My Provincial Kitchen cooking demonstrations at the McIntosh & Son Mingenew Midwest Expo this year - to be held this Wednesday, August 14 and Thursday, August 15.

Ms Kitto will be promoting gluten-free lupin products on the Paddock to Plate Main Stage at 9.30am and 2.30pm on the second day of Expo this year.

In between that, and on the first day, she will also have a stall where she will be doing taste testing and selling her lupin products.

Ms Kitto said her aim from the cooking demonstrations was to keep it simple and entertaining.

"Lupins in the past have been known to be hard to use and what we have done is create packet cakes to make it easy for people to use lupins to have success," Ms Kitto said.

"But what I am wanting to show is a combination of our products and the flour so people can see that they can use lupin flour in different things and how to actually incorporate it in food that tastes good.

"If you just want to add it for some nutrition then you can just take a bit of the wheat flour out and add some lupin flour in, but if you are specifically wanting to use lupin flour, you need to blend it with other flours to be able to create the same effect as self-raising or wheat flour."

Ms Kitto said she had wholemeal flour and self-raising flour - the self raising flour is a one-for-one swap for any wheat flour and you get the same result, which is what people have done with lupin flour in the past.

She said people would put it together, take the wheat flour out and put lupin flour in, mix up a chocolate cake, put it in the oven and then it comes out like a house brick.

"And then everything goes in the bin and they will never use it again," Ms Kitto said.

"We saw that as being a problem, so let's teach people how to use it by itself and let's make it easier and do the packet mixes."

Her cooking demonstrations will be focussing on pancakes, savoury muffins, chocolate brownie muffins and crumbed chicken.

Ms Kitto wants to share how easy and yummy using lupin flour can be.

"When we started we wanted to hide the fact that we had lupin flour in our products because lupin has had a bad rap," Ms Kitto said.

"It's an allergen and we want people to know they are buying lupin products and associate our food with lupins, so let's put lupin over everything.

"So it becomes an everyday word for people and they associate lupin with food."

Ms Kitto, like most people in the Mid West, was looking forward to Expo this year.

"I think it is awesome what they do and it's a fantastic couple of days to have a good look around and see some different things and bring some different people to the community," she said.

"It gives the community something to work towards, something to be proud of and I think it is really great to have the opportunity for people in other areas, like from Geraldton to come and see what is there.

"It is really important for people out of the area to come and experience and see what's there and to be able to see the strength of the community too."

On her stand over the two days Ms Kitto will be talking about and selling mixes for wholemeal flour, self-raising flour, chocolate brownies, raspberry white chocolate loaf, pancakes and savoury muffins.


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