Revolutionising farm connectivity

Revolutionising farm connectivity


Advertiser content: Trimble's Connected Farm® unites hardware, software, and GPS correction services in a way that is set to reshape the future of farming.


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In the last century, farming has made radical technological improvements. Cumbersome planter markers used to make straight rows possible, but today, straight rows are a product of GPS technology.

Yield estimates used to be just that - estimates. Today, farmers can identify bushels per hectare, moisture, and test weight from the comfort of an air-conditioned cab, behind the wheel of a combine that guides itself through the exact same passes that were planted.

Despite these innovations, farming is not easy. That's why Trimble's Connected Farm® unites hardware, software, and GPS correction services to reshape the future of farming.

In an increasingly competitive global economy, it's imperative that farmers have reliable technology at their fingertips.

"When I hear the name Trimble, I think of quality and reliability," said Mark Wilson, who farms 6,800 hectares 350 kilometers east of Perth.

Thanks to Trimble technology, Wilson feels more energised after a long day in the cab.

"The biggest difference we noticed when we first used precision ag was probably the drop in fatigue while driving the machine. If you happen to work all night, you'll notice how much better you feel with a full system of variable rate and steering, compared to what it was like driving previously. You can actually get off the machine and still feel very good," said Wilson.

Mick Hockey, who farms 3,400 hectares in Quirindi, New South Wales, smiled as he reflected on how much agricultural technology has progressed.

"The main difference, compared to when I was a kid, is technology," he said.

"Technology in farming is just progressing so quickly".

Hockey has noticed savings of up to 20 per cent since he began using Trimble products.

"With the autosteer, we just love the repeatability. Being able to get on the sidelines every time is critical. With our summer cropping we really need to be on the right point."

Accurate record keeping is just as important as precise, reliable in-field technology. Trimble Ag Software connects all aspects of a farming operation in one online platform.

The software leverages the AutoSync™ feature to share guidance lines, materials, field names, and more automatically between displays and other connected devices.

With this kind of solution, USB transfers, dual-entry, and human error are things of the past. For less wear and tear on equipment, maximised field potential, input savings, and precise data management, Trimble's Connected Farm suite continues the tradition of agricultural innovation.

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