Glorious views highlight WA's beauty

Glorious views highlight WA's beauty


Double View is an exceptional property in the pristine Kalgan region, just east of Albany.


DOUBLE View is an exceptional property in the pristine Kalgan region, just east of Albany.

It is within a great, reliable rainfall region on the South Coast.

The property has several mixed and exceptional homestead sites, making it ideal to purchase and develop later into that prime quality retirement location to slow down and build your dream homestead.

Double View is well suitable for mixed stock, prime lambs, wool and cattle.

It has excellent clover and rye pastures, good fencing, excellent water supplies and more than 40 hectares of pastured country.

There are also good areas of pristine bushland on the property and it is very close to walk tracts along the Kalgan River.

The property is in an annual rainfall area of about 700 to 800 plus millimetres, within a reliable region on the South Coast.

It is watered by six soaks/dams plus a creekline on the southern side that runs almost all year.

Water in this area is excellent and abundant and there is also potential to obtain underground water supplies.

Current stock are mixed cattle with an estimated carrying capacity of 40 to 50 breeders or 80 to 100 steers.

Rates are estimated to be about $1000 to $1500.

The fencing is mainly a mix of Ringlock and plain wire electric on steel and wood posts.

Some new fencing has been done over the years and most is in good condition.

A driveway on the eastern side of the property could be used as a laneway to connect most paddocks

The property has just been through a boundary change, which has provided numerous excellent homestead sites.

There are views over the Kalgan River, including north-facing towards the Stirling ranges and over the coastal ranges to the south, hence the property's name, as well as views towards Albany city.

  • Price: $780,000
  • Location: Kalgan
  • Area: 59ha
  • Agent: Landmark Harcourts
  • Contact: Neville Tutt 0419 193 500

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