WA firefighters help over east

Hundreds of WA firefighters lend helping hand with east coast fires


The 16th team of career and volunteer firefighters left for Albury, New South Wales.


Western Australian firefighters continue to support their fellow Australians dealing with unprecedented fires with a 16th team of volunteer and career firefighters now in New South Wales.

A team of 25 volunteer and career firefighters left Perth have gone to Albury on the New South Wales and Victorian border to help relieve their exhausted counterparts as fires rage to the east of the town.

The team of firefighters, Strike Team Papa, brings the total of WA firefighters who have given their support to New South Wales and Queensland to 325.

The WA teams have spent up to seven days at a time providing logistical, aerial and operational support.

Strike Team Papa firefighters have come from around the Perth metropolitan area and include volunteer and career officers with skills in fighting bushfires and urban rescue.

"Our volunteers continue to show that their sense of commitment to community and helping people in need doesn't just stop at the WA border," said Emergency Services Minister Francis Logan.

"We have answered virtually every request for help, while battling our own serious blazes, to help our east coast counterparts.

"I am sure that every Western Australian would join me in thanking the hundreds of Western Australian firefighters who have been across to the east coast to lend a helping hand during this unprecedented bushfire crisis.

"I hope that our firefighters can bring some kind of welcome relief to communities who have been struck so hard by these blazes.

"I wish our latest team all the best and urge them to stay safe."


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