Massey unveils new mowers for 2020

Massey unveils new mowers for 2020

Massey Ferguson has introduced a new range of mowers for the 2020 season.

Massey Ferguson has introduced a new range of mowers for the 2020 season.


Massey Ferguson has introduced a range of vertical lift, linkage-mounted disc mowers to its hay range.


MASSEY Ferguson has introduced a range of vertical lift, linkage-mounted disc mowers to its hay range.

According to company product manager John Russell, the range, designated DM TL-V series, is designed with the user in mind, particularly for transport.

"Other design features include a hydro-pneumatic suspension system which, combined with a central support mount, provides excellent flotation and suspension," Mr Russell said.

The mowers come fitted with a Safety-Swing system that protects the mower against impact from large objects by moving backwards and upwards.

It automatically re-engages into the working position through its own weight.

The mowers fold vertically for transporting within the machine's centre of gravity to provide optimum weight distribution of the tractor/mower combination.

With compact transport dimensions of less than three metres wide and a transport height lower than four metres, these machines are ideally suited where road transport is a regular requirement.

The hydro-pneumatic suspension comprises a TurboLift system for infinitely variable ground pressure control.

It adapts to varying paddock conditions and eliminates damage to the sward.

MF TL-V mowers also feature all-round plastic bumpers to protect against minor damage and a hydraulically foldable end panel to reduce height when in the transport position.

Models are available with KC (tyne) or RC (roller) conditioners.

The new low-profile cutter bar allows the mower to cut very low while maintaining a shallow angle of attack to produce a cleaner cut surface and the spur gear drive cutter bar produces quieter and more efficient mowing.

The gears have a large diameter and a fine ground spur so that they maintain perfect synchronisation through a constant three-tooth contact.

The cutter bar is driven from the first disc to the end, through gear-to-gear contact so there is no change in the direction of drive within the cutter bar, only direction of rotation.

This produces a very simple and efficient driveline and allows for a compact and low profile cutter bar.

It also provides better crop flow to ensure the conditioner can be used to maximum effect.

The cutter bar is designed with a lifetime oil fill to reduce maintenance and cost of ownership.

A filler plug on top of the cutter bar provides an easy point to check the oil level and magnets in the fill and drain plugs collect any worn metal particles.

Hardened wear skids can be added to reduce wear in stony or sandy conditions.

They can also be used to adjust the height of the cutter bar for mowing cereals, so that the level profile of the cutter bar is maintained.

Between the discs, a hardened steel counter cutter protects the cutter bar against impact damage from foreign objects or bent blades.

The output shaft driving each disc is designed with a shear point to protect each individual disc and the entire mower driveline.

In the case of impact the shaft will shear, releasing the disc upwards to clear neighbouring discs.

The shaft is simple and straightforward to replace so downtime and component costs are kept to a minimum.


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