'Seriously, one more comment about human rights ...'

The Informer: 'Seriously, one more comment about human rights ...', says Daniel Andrews

Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews was a straight-shooter with his COVID-19 messaging today.

Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews was a straight-shooter with his COVID-19 messaging today.


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"Seriously, one more comment about human rights ... it's about human life. Their views have no basis in science, fact or law."

Victoria, that's your Premier, Daniel Andrews. Whether or not you agree with the mandate to wear face masks, it's very hard to deny that one phrase: " ... it's about human life".

And in Victoria another six were lost overnight. Victoria has reported 58 deaths in the past six weeks, taking the state's toll to 77 and the national figure to 161. There also were an additional 532 new COVID-19 cases overnight.

The sliver of good news was that maybe (say it quietly) Victoria's second wave of COVID-19 could be close to its peak. Could is underlined and italicised intentionally - as Victoria's Chief Health Officer Brett Sutton said: "Now, I'm not going to sit back and say today is the peak. We have to see what happens in coming days."

The NSW government was opting for an optimistic tone today, too. There were 17 new cases were recorded on Monday, including three linked to the Thai Rock outbreak in Wetherill Park and four linked to a funeral at St Brendan's Catholic church in Bankstown.

It was all a bit more "finger-pointy" in Queensland where Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk let everyone know she was prepared to "slam the border shut" to maintain statewide health.

Meanwhile in Tasmania where there's been just one confirmed case in 65 days, a peak hospitality body is keen for the government to ease COVID-19 physical distancing rules.

That's a whole lot more civil than on the NSW Far South Coast where people have taken to vigilante-style behaviour upon seeing Victorian numberplates.

Remember the "be kind" movement? Was it that long ago? Sometimes the days of kindness and equanimity seem long gone.

Just by way of ensuring we're all playing with the same deck of cards, Victorian Equal Opportunity and Human Rights Commissioner Kristen Hilton kindly issued a statement saying the state's COVID-19 orders and associated $200 fine were not a breach of any human rights.

"The requirement for residents to wear a face mask or covering when leaving the house is a lawful directive that does not violate any rights set out under Victoria's charter of human rights and responsibilities or any international human rights instruments," she said in a statement.

If you're in Victoria and keen to understand your rights in lockdown, perhaps you'll find this factsheet more reliable than, oh, random people out shopping.

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