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Elevate your field day display with a custom printed marquee

Elevate your field day display with a custom printed marquee

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Field days often draw large, diverse crowds-crowds that are full of energy and people wanting to take time to look around and enjoy the atmosphere. While they might be drawn to the field day by a car show, rodeo or festival, attendees are looking for something to do between the main events.

Capture their attention and they will walk over and find out more. That makes field days a wonderful opportunity to introduce new customers to your products or services. One of the best ways to do that is through a bright and colourful custom printed marquee.

Field day promotions

Field days can be a great way to reach out into the community and represent your organisation or brand. A custom printed marquee can be used to represent your club and promote sponsors. It can make a bold, professional statement to drive business. Marquees can even be used to promote an educational institution or build awareness for your cause.

Regardless of whether you are looking to sell a product or find like-minded people, a field day marquee is a highly visible, durable, and reusable option. Hence, you need to be a little more creative than usual to transform your imagination into reality for a flawless promotional campaign.

Reach target demographics and more

It's important for any company or organisation seeking clients to define their target demographic. This helps you get a greater return on your marketing dollars. But what if you haven't identified your target demographic yet? Or what if there is a target group out there that you haven't even considered? Here we'll figure out all these aspects that you must consider and much more.

Attending a general field day like a carnival or festival can be a wonderful way to determine what types of customers are drawn to your product or service. The same is true for charitable organisations looking for donations or volunteers. Marquees are highly visible. Passers-by will see your marquee from all four sides, near and far. Set up an attention-grabbing marquee and let your customers come to you. It is an easy and low-cost way to define your market. Not only will your known supporters be drawn in, but the wider public as well.

Direct marketing to extend your brand recognition

You have probably spent a lot of time and money in building your brand. You want your customers to instantly associate your colours and logo with your product.

In addition, you want customers to associate that brand with positive qualities like being a part of the community and a caring group. Consumers feel better about purchases when they feel a connection to a brand.

What better way to extend your brand recognition and create the narrative you want than to meet face-to-face with your consumers and tell your story?

Maximise your brand development by taking it to the next level with a printed marquee. Your marquee can be an invaluable marketing tool. Attract your customers, invite them in and show them how your service or product is just what they need!

With a large, graphic marquee, your brand will reach beyond festival attendees. Photos and videos taken on the field day will be displayed in newspapers and on websites.

It's almost certain that informal photos of the day will be shared on social media. With a little creativity, you can use your custom printed marquee to create a photo opportunity that will reach a far wider audience than the field day alone.

Hence, there are plenty of opportunities for a business to make use of a custom printed marquee in a creative manner and grab the attention of their prospective customers in real time.

Existing customers make the best salespeople

When you set up a marquee at a field day, you have the unique opportunity to turn your best customers into your best salespeople. Invite existing customers to stop by for refreshments or a free gift.

This gives you the opportunity to strengthen relationships with existing customers, seek potential add-on sales, and encourage existing customers to sing your praises to potential customers. It gives you the opportunity to create a relaxed social environment perfect for promoting a product, club or cause.

People will not linger in the rain or hot sun. But you can create an inviting, sheltered space with a single large or multiple pop-up marquees.

A 3m x 3m marquee can accommodate up to 20 standing guests at any one time and often only require one person to set up. The shelter will also protect your refreshments and marketing materials from the environment, keeping everything ready for when you need it the most. If you really want to promote a social atmosphere in your marquee, consider adding a few chairs.

Also, you may have something for your customers that may be called a pleasant surprise for them. One can bet that your business will be the talk of town overnight.

A custom printed marquee is all about being versatile

Decide what image you want to project at the field day event and your organisation's goals. Do you want people to socialise?

Do you want to do product demos? Do you want customers to enter and browse? Are you trying to educate passers-by about a cause or get sign-ups for your club? Pop-up marquees are versatile enough to meet all those needs.

They are typically available in a variety of sizes from 2.4 square meters to 4 x 8 meters. You can choose to leave them open to the air or create an enclosed space. You can decide between half and full walls and even canopies to create an entryway. Your only limit is your imagination. So, think big to get big.

Best yet, wherever you go, your folding marquee goes. They set up and pack down quickly. An all-in-one frame usually does not require additional tools to get ready. Smaller models can be set up by a single person. Larger models may require more help.

When the field day is over, pack it into its carrying case and go. It will be ready for reuse at your next event.

Elevate your field day display with a custom printed marquee


Sun and unpredictable weather

Australian weather can be harsh and unpredictable. You'll want to choose something durable like NextUV material for your roof and walls, as it has been designed and tested to last longer under the sun.

It carries a 5-year 'no significant fade' guarantee and will protect your customers from the sun. With a 50+ UPF rating, your marquee visitors will not have to worry about sunburn! The provided shade will also help keep everyone cool and enjoying themselves.

Rainproof marquee

Rain can be as much of an issue as the sun for outdoor events in Australia. You'll want a fabric that is waterproof. But even waterproof fabrics can let rain in through the seams. Look for a marquee that has waterproofing tape applied to the seams and that can be replaced at no additional cost to help extend its life.

Marquee to fight the strong wind

Marquees are temporary structures that are not anchored to the ground. They could be lifted by strong winds. You can eliminate this safety risk by using a sturdy marquee with cast-iron leg weights. Tecnishelter's Circulex legs are engineered for high winds and heavy rain. They have stainless steel hardware and high strength connectors. In spite of this solid construction, they are low in weight for easy transport.

Considering the high importance of safety, you should also ask about testing and compliance when purchasing a pop-up marquee. A reputable manufacturer will be happy to provide testing results and compliance certificate information.

Remarkable printing and branding to stand out

While you could purchase a plain, solid colour marquee for your field day event, that would be dismissing an opportunity to advertise. It is the printing and branding that will help you stand out from the crowd. Custom printers should offer a digital printing process that is capable of duplicating and resizing your logo and text to fit the marquee. Look for printers that offer an exact colour match to really promote your brand. Make sure the print process is specifically designed for outdoor use and inquire about fade guarantees.

Some printers will go as far as to help with your artwork, create 3D mock-ups or give you physical colour samples. Most manufactures will require a deposit before engaging their art department. This deposit should be applied to your purchase and it is well worth the upfront expense to prevent a costly printing mistake.

Make the most of your field day

This article touches on only a few of the examples of how a custom printed marquee can help you make the most out of a field day. There really is no limit to the printing or design options-only your imagination.

Once you use one, you will wonder how you ever managed a field day without one. A customised printable marquee will really add enjoyment and purpose to your outdoor event. Let's think out of the box to make your custom printed marquee more purposeful.

This is advertiser content for Technishelter.