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Simple designs, packed with features

RENOWNED FOR QUALITY: Simplicity's 18-metre SD-400 planter with a 9000-litre TQS2 air seeder.

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SIMPLICITY Australia is home to the most comprehensive and innovative range of air seeders and cultivators in Australia, with a reputation for quality that has attracted solid national and international markets.

The business employs about 80 staff and is preparing to further extend its manufacturing capabilities with the construction of a purpose-built manufacturing plant at Dalby in south east Queensland.

The most recent series of Simplicity air seeders, the 30 Series, has been in high demand since its launch last year.

"Not only are Simplicity Australia's new 30 Series seeders the largest they have ever built, they are also packed with features to benefit growers now and into the future," Simplicity Australia sales manager Doug Campbell said.

"The new design platform incorporates a number of user-friendly features which are the product of years of development and refinement by Simplicity's design engineers."

Simplicity has 23 different models available in the range, from 14,000 litres to 30,000L, and 10 models with integrated stainless liquid tanks.

The 30 Series comes standard with the proven and reliable ground driven linear actuator variable rate system offering simple and accurate rate control.

"The secret to a good calibration is sample size, and the integrated hydraulically driven calibration motor makes this task a breeze," Mr Campbell said.

Exclusive to the 30 Series is Simplicity's optional section control system.

"With the high cost of crop inputs, it is no secret that section control offers broad acre growers the opportunity save significant amount of money by reducing overlap and minimising double application," Mr Campbell said.

"Based upon the ground driven system, and maintaining a simple mechanical link between the drive wheel and each individual metering spool, the system provides reliable speed relative rate control."

The second feature of Simplicity's section control is an automatic air damping system that reduces the amount of air running through air lines when a section cuts off, ensuring an even flow of air remains in the active hoses. This system automatically pressurises the line when the section activates again.

Each of the stainless steel sectional metering units feature a larger observation window to clearly observe the operation, and an adjustable spool cover that allows the operator to easily adjust the amount of clearance when changing between canola, cereals and coarse seeds such as beans or other pulses.

A simplified single sided drive system was developed for this range, creating more room under the bins when maintaining or inspecting them.

Despite being best known for their airseeders, Simplicity Australia has also been producing tillage gear for decades.

The Simplicity Allrounder is their rugged hydraulic tine bar, which is suited to multiple roles.

Fitted out with moisture seeking tooling and minimum till shanks, it is more than capable where conditions call for tight penetration.

"Regardless of if you are chasing subsoil moisture for a pulse crop or drawing moisture up through capillary rise for cereals, the Allrounder has it covered," Mr Campbell said.

A dual accumulator system gives growers the ability to adjust the amount of breakout required to suit the conditions.

Clever design incorporates spherical bearings on the tine rams to eliminate side load to the cylinder protecting the ram seals, and geometry that increases tine breakout during the initial portion of travel before dropping back as the unit breaks out.

"The hydraulic system also acts as a shock absorber when the tines break back into their working position and the five-row frame allows for multiple tine spacings while keeping excellent trash flow through the machine," Mr Campbell said.

The Allrounder range is available from 6m and 20m, with narrow fold models designed to keep within 3.5m for ease of transport.

Last year saw the successful release of Simplicity's Territory parallelogram ground following planters, available on multiple row spacing in widths ranging from 9m to 18m.

The precision depth control ensures even germination across the field, irrespective of undulations or raised beds. A bridge frame and generous unit clearance ensures excellent trash flow, and allows very convenient access when servicing the units.

The units share the dual accumulator system of the Allrounder, with the addition of an adjustable cam to dial in the balance of pressure between break-out and packing force on the press wheel, necessary to avoid over packing the seed bed.

"The Territory was designed to almost eliminate your lubrication schedule, with sacrificial high density wear pads protecting the hardened pins and bushes while eliminating the need for ongoing greasing," Mr Campbell said.

Also in demand is Simplicity's SD-400 single disc planter, available in either trailing or linkage frames, with single or dual row on 9m and 12m, or the 18m forward fold single row that has the added benefit of a transport width of just 3.5m.

The heavy duty undercut disc system allows the units to penetrate tight soils or moisture seek down to 150mm, without relying on an excessively heavy frame for downforce. A cast body solidly holds the disc in position without adding excess weight.

The depth gauge wheel used has a specific profile to reduce soil compaction next to the disc, and inbuilt steel ring scraper to keep the disc clean and a spoked hub to prevent soil build up under the wheel.

This is advertiser content for Simplicity Australia.