Christmas with lamb legends

New festive campaign for lamb featuring iconic Aussie chefs

MasterChef Australia star, Elena Duggan, with sustainable farmer, Anika Molesworth.

MasterChef Australia star, Elena Duggan, with sustainable farmer, Anika Molesworth.


MLA release a Christmas lamb campaign with lamb legends.


Meat and Livestock Australia are encouraging more Australians to enjoy Aussie lamb this festive season with friends and families is the focus of a new Christmas campaign.

The new campaign is a continuation of the successful Lamb Legends series, with new content which features iconic Aussie chefs cooking delicious lamb dishes for local legends in the lead up to the Christmas holiday period.

The campaign features MasterChef Australia star, Elena Duggan, treating sustainable farmer, Anika Molesworth, to a Moroccan Lamb Roast and top chef, Mitch Orr, grilling lamb loin chops for Find A Bed founder, Erin Riley.

MLA Domestic Market Manager, Graeme Yardy, said the campaign is designed to put Aussie Lamb front and centre in the lead up to Christmas - using tasty and celebratory lamb dishes to inspire Aussies to cook and share lamb over the festive season.

"There is no better way to enjoy Aussie Lamb than to share it with our closest friends and families," Mr Yardy said.

"As many Australians will come together this Christmas after such an extremely challenging year, we want them to do so with Aussie Lamb on their tables.

"This is a key occasion when people get together and other proteins are traditionally featured throughout the festive season.

"This provides an opportunity for lamb to disrupt the seasonal norm and encourage Australians to enjoy the season with lamb instead. "We are continuing the successful Lamb Legends series that started earlier this year, and we will again acknowledge the work of some local legends to inspire others and to show how to enjoy lamb at home."

The campaign will utilise the 'Share the Lamb' platform over four weeks in the lead up to Christmas, demonstrating lamb as an easy and versatile meat option.

The campaign will appear across digital video, on demand TV video broadcast, YouTube and social channels.

To drive consumer participation and share the lamb during the festive season, MLA will be running a social competition on Facebook and Instagram.

Consumers just have to nominate a Lamb Legend in their life to win a lamb meat tray from their local butcher.

Winners will be drawn from across the country.

Co-founder of Farmers for Climate Action, a movement that puts farmers at the centre of climate solutions, Anika is a passionate advocate for sustainable farming and environmental conservation.

Hailing from her family's sheep station near Broken Hill, Anika was named the 2015 Young Farmer of the Year and was a Young Australian of the Year Finalist in 2017.

As a chef and champion of fresh ingredients, Elena appreciates the challenges Anika faces in supporting Australia's farming communities and the work it takes to preserve the areas providing fresh produce to the world.

For Elena, lamb has always been a dish for celebrating special people and moments.

"My nan's roast lamb is the hero centrepiece every Christmas, so I always associate lamb with bringing loved ones together," she said.

Mitch Orr cooks delicious Grilled Lamb Loin Chops with a peach salad for undisputed legend and Find A Bed Co-founder, Erin Riley.

Find A Bed came to life during the height of the 2019-2020 bushfire crisis, after Erin spotted evacuees sleeping in cars and realised she could match home owners with those who needed a place to stay.

"I started a very simple website in under an hour, with just two buttons 'I have a place' and 'I need a place'," Ms Riley said.

"It was all very low tech, but within a day we had over 100 people registered to host people and requests for places to stay began flowing in."

She said they have now helped almost 1000 people find accommodation over the course of the bushfire season and COVID-19 pandemic.

Mr Orr said Erin's quality to put others first and spring into action to solve a problem that needs to be fixed gives her legendary status.

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