South Coast markets are on the rise

South Coast markets are on the rise


It's been a busy year for Ray White Rural South Coast


THE team at Ray White Rural South Coast WA had, quite unexpectedly, a very busy year.

"In the past decade either rural sales were up and residential sales and rentals were down or the other way around," said principal Sias Jordaan.

"This is the first time when everything seems to be on the up.

According to Mr Jordaan, crops along the South Coast have generally being good despite the late start to the season.

The area has again lived up to its reputation of delivering something even in a tougher season.

A lot of the credit must also go to the local farming families introducing progressive and advanced farming practices.

"The strength of the rural sector is resulting in valuable employment opportunities and combined with the simultaneous strength in the mineral and mining sector, means that we have seen the demand for properties and rental properties increase quite substantially," he said.

"The other good news is that this has been the case across the wider South Coast, not just around Hopetoun and Ravensthorpe."

Mr Jordaan also pointed out that rental vacancy rates were as low as they have been in the past 10 years.

This has also resulted in more sales of vacant blocks in town as well as in the small acreage developments just outside of town.

"We are looking for farms, lifestyle properties and rental properties to sell, all at once," he said.

"All of our teams are busy and we are excited to introduce our fantastic part of Western Australia to people whom are rediscovering the benefits and values of living in rural areas."

Mr Jordaan concluded by stating that all team members lived locally across the South Coast and were able to provide a valuable service along the entire region, from Salmon Gums in the north east, to Bremer Bay and Borden in the west and as far as Hyden in the north.


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