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Prepare for take-off: Private aviation with a purpose

With a cruise speed and cruise altitude similar to short-haul airliners, the latest Beechcraft King Air models let users reap benefits from time savings to increased productivity. Picture: Supplied

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Private aviation may conjure images of jets flying celebrities or senior executives. But did you know that many private aviation owners in Australia are family-run businesses, entrepreneurs and private landholders?

To them, private aviation goes beyond personal use and is a purposeful business tool to expand their reach.

Some use it as a time-saving connection between their operation bases, or as a transport for time-sensitive equipment and valuable supplies for their businesses.

Many also use it for productive day trips with multiple stops to meet customers in locations not served by airlines.

Meet the Beechcraft King Air 260 and 360 turboprops

For an aircraft unsurpassed in the landscape of rugged and versatile general aviation, the clear choice is Textron Aviation's Beechcraft King Air turboprop.

The interest, word-of-mouth and demand of the aircraft has propelled the King Air with its innovative design into the future with the newly upgraded King Air 260 and 360 aircraft.

With a cruise speed and cruise altitude similar to short-haul airliners, these latest models let users reap tangible benefits such as real time savings and increased productivity.

That's even before you consider the human-centric amenities onboard, technology and redesigned cabin experience.

First-class comfort: The interior of the upgraded Beechcraft King Air takes the flying experience to another level. Picture: Supplied

Reputation and reliability: Perfect for on-demand trips

Introduced in 2020, the Beechcraft King Air 260 and 360 turboprops are perfect for on-demand trips that come with short lead time.

The maximum range of the King Air 260 and King Air 360 is 3185 kilometres and 3345 kilometres respectively. This mean both models can take you nearly anywhere in Australia, allowing you and your business to get to and from where you need to be easily.

The King Air turboprop family is built on a proven design for reliable and economical transportation. To date, more than 7500 King Air turboprops have been built and logged more than 60 million flight hours.

Even after 40 years, customers continue to appreciate how versatile and economical King Air aircraft have been for them, especially those in the dynamic agri-business industry. Imagine the time saved and increased productivity from a same-day nine-person business trip between Toowoomba, Longreach, Mackay and Townsville, where regular flights do not exist.

Reliable and economical: More than 7500 King Air turboprops have been built and logged more than 60 million flight hours. Picture: Supplied

Comprehensive service and support backed by Textron Aviation

Your aircraft is only as good as the aftermarket and service network supporting it.

Premiair Aviation Maintenance, a trusted name in Australia's MRO (Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul) space, became part of Textron Aviation's company-owned global service network in January 2020.

This means aircraft owners now have convenient access to a network of Australia service centers in Perth (Jandakot), Melbourne (Essendon), Gold Coast (Coolangatta) and Karratha.

To keep customers flying, Textron Aviation expanded its comprehensive inventory of aircraft parts at its Melbourne warehouse and strengthened its in-country team of field service representatives.

Unlike other competitors which must put up with complex sourcing and international shipping, Textron Aviation offers local stock availability and shorter delivery lead time. In fact, it's committed to same-day shipping for critical aircraft spare parts in Australia.

Fly with the general aviation leader in Australia

With over 90 years of legacy and trusted experience from its Beechcraft and Cessna aircraft brands, Textron Aviation leads the APAC market with over 1400 aircraft in the region.

The number of Textron Aviation aircraft in the market is also nearly five times as large as the closest competitor.

According to the latest report from the General Aviation Manufacturers Association (GAMA), Textron Aviation is consistently the biggest aircraft manufacturer in the world by deliveries. It's also the world's third largest jet manufacturer after Boeing and Airbus in 2020, while surpassing Boeing's turbine fixed-wing deliveries 251 to 210.

Smart business decision

How can investing in private aircraft be beneficial to the business bottom line? Weighing the costs and benefits of aircraft ownership may seem overwhelming, but it doesn't have to be.

For example, there are financial incentives in Australia that can help companies benefit from aircraft investment such as temporary full expensing of eligible new depreciating assets delivered into Australia by 30 June 2023. Check with your solicitor, accountant or tax professional.

No matter your experience, Textron Aviation is ready to help support your aircraft ownership journey. Click to learn more about the King Air 260 and 360 turboprops, or contact Nicholas Caines on 0403 148 034 or by email at

This is branded content for Textron Aviation.