Everyone loves a juicy headline, check these out

Everyone loves a juicy headline, check these out


Livestock writers call for help on the headline writing front


THE intensity of livestock markets is being analysed from every angle at the moment but one side effect the stratospheric rises and continual record breaking is creating, that no one seems to be considering, is the headache caused to those attempting to come up with decent headlines.

If ever there was a time when an agricultural journalist needed a hand to craft an attention-grabbing headline devoid of corniness and over-used terms, it is now.

Continual call-outs to colleagues have yielded a swag of somewhat ridiculous responses so it is time to go to readers.

Can anyone add to the list of questionable options below to describe what is expected to be a red hot bull selling season this year:

  • Sire selling season set to sizzle
  • Bull price records due to be bulldozed
  • Bull prices buck to new new heights
  • More than a hump to bull prices
  • Grabbing the bull by the horns: averages set to soar
  • Dire sire desire drives prices higher
  • Records pale as much regale prevails on off-the-rail male sales

Of course, one could always just go with:

  • Male cattle likely to sell well

And following on from The Ringer's noting of just how tough it is to describe the EYCI's travels of late, any descriptions of upward cattle market movement would be greatly accepted.

However, don't bother with this one, it has already been used:

  • By the time you've read this heading, the EYCI will have broken two more records.

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