Premium farm a stone's throw from Perth

Premium farm a stone's throw from Perth


Measuring 2587.98 hectares in total, the property comprises 1400.49 arable hectares, 875.95ha of bush grazing and 261.51ha of bush.

  • Price: By negotiation
  • Location: Culham/ Toodyay
  • Area: 2587.98ha
  • Agent: Nutrien Harcourts WA
  • Contact: Kevin Manuel 0428 954 795, Darren Manuel 0427 962 751, Glenn McTaggart 0429 611 124

TALGA presents a rare opportunity to acquire highly productive prime land for grain and livestock production in a tightly held region of Western Australia in a 520 millimetre annual rainfall district.

Measuring 2587.98 hectares in total, the property comprises 1400.49 arable hectares, 875.95ha of bush grazing and 261.51ha of bush.

Talga is offered for sale as a whole parcel.

The landscape of Talga is undulating with valley views, natural timber belts, granite outcrops, coupled with a winter creek with permanent pools running along the length of Rockdale Road on lot 27509.

The original natural timbers were York gum, jam, salmon gum, wandoo, white gum, red gum and she-oak.

The soil types are highly fertile gritty clay loams, loamy gravels and gritty sandy loams.

It features mainly strong red and grey loams which are capable of producing high yielding cereal, canola and hay crops, along with excellent pastures for all livestock pursuits.

The property has a history of strong fertiliser applications, with maintenance levels of trace elements applied annually in the cropping and fertiliser and soil ameliorants spread on a rotational basis.

The pasture paddocks in each annual rotation receive a robust application of superphosphate.

The cropping program comprises 950ha in total of wheat, oats and canola.

The property also runs 450 breeders plus calves and yearlings, as well as 100 head of sheep plus lambs.

It is divided into 34 main paddocks plus smaller holding paddocks.

The majority of the fencing is seven-line Ringlock on steel and timber posts.

All the fencing is in excellent condition.

Water is supplied via an extensive array of 30 dams, seven bores, with four being equipped with solar pumps and with electric-driven water pumps.

There are four large steel rainwater tanks off the three large sheds - one 218,000 litres, two 160,000L, one 154,000L and one 145,000L.

There is also a variety of other tanks, including a 84,000L steel tank, two 30,000L, two 22,000L, two 14,000L and 12 smaller tanks ranging in size from 4500L to 10,000L - all are connected to solar or electric driven pumps on bores.

There are permanent pools in the Rock Gully Creek which runs adjacent to the north side of Rockdale Road.

Talga is considered nearly drought-proof for water, with such an extensive array of dams, bores and tanks.

An extensive list of infrastructure includes four main machinery/ hay/workshop/general purpose sheds, two fertiliser sheds (one with a sliding roof), weighbridge, shearing shed, two house sheds and stables.

Accommodation consists of a the main residence with five bedrooms and two bathrooms; a second home for a manager's residence of four bedrooms and two bathrooms; and a three-bedroom, one-bathroom cottage.

The property contains significant gravel reserves and a well-maintained internal road system, designed to allow ease of movement for modern machinery and reliable access for heavy vehicles.

Talga has two main roads for ease of machinery and livestock movement, being Rockdale Road and Beard Road.

It is divided by Rockdale Road through to Beard Road, then Telegraph Road to either side of Old Plains Road.

The property is in the Culham district at of Toodyay, about 25 kilometres north west of Toodyay, 50km north west of Northam and 105km north of Perth.

The Muchea Livestock Centre is conveniently 57km from the property and Fremantle port is 130km away.

The nearest CBH grain receival sites are at Bolgart, 28km away, Calingiri, 51km north, and Northam, 50km south east of the property.

Primary schooling, farm supply services and facilities for shopping, socialising and sport are available at Toodyay, Northam and Bolgart.


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