Beverley farm visit for United States consulate general David Gainer

By Leah Tindale
December 23 2021 - 11:00pm
With a spring in his step US consulate general David Gainer spent time in the John Deere header, helping to harvest barley on Duncan Young's property at Beverley.

HARD at work, Duncan Young put the United States consulate general David Gainer to work in a header on his visit to Beverley recently.

Hosted by WAFarmers, Mr Gainer visited Mr Young's farm as part of his role being the "eyes and ears on the ground" to the US.



Technology, trade, visas and issues facing farmers were all areas of interest for Mr Gainer, who loved the opportunity to see the John Deere header in action.

The pair disappeared for 45 minutes as the special guest helped finish off one of Mr Young's barley crops.

"First and foremost, I loved coming out, listening and meeting the farmers in York and Beverley," Mr Gainer said.

"Hearing about their communities, about the great work they are doing and of course it was a highlight to be able to get up into the equipment and actually take a spin around, but also to see the differences even just within WA that might be happening."

Continuing to develop relationships between Australia and America was vitally important to Mr Gainer, and to WAFarmers president, John Hassell, who joined Mr Gainer on the tour of the area.

"Having the consul general come out to the farm and meet with farmers is important in our relationship development," Mr Hassell said.

"The role of the consul general, as I see it, is to help facilitate American companies to be able to do business here or to make contacts with Australians who may want to do business in America.

"I was also concerned that the climate policy of the new administration may have had a detrimental effect on us in terms of trade but have been assured that it is not under threat."

Not one to shy away from a topic, Mr Gainer happily shared his thoughts on climate change and the Biden administration's determination to lower emissions.

"The US government takes climate change seriously and we are going to encourage our close partners and friends to be ambitious with their targets too," he said.

"As we move forward, we need to be looking for opportunities to lower emissions, and in the agricultural sector there are many.

"However in many ways farmers are already leading the way in this, which we are really excited about."

With both of Mr Gainer's grandparents in farming, he relished the opportunity to be around the John Deere machinery, and to learn about the technology and innovation that comes with it, seeing how far it gone since he was young.

"It was really exciting to see all of that great technology in play, the header and the chaser, spending time going to CBH and seeing all the connections, how everything works, it's both professionally and personally thrilling," he said.

"I have been travelling through the Mid West and down to the farming community in Esperance and to see the closeness of the farming community here in WA, but then to also look at the high technology, innovation and automation in the process that exists today is really remarkable.

"As the two of our countries grow together over the next decades, it's in areas like this where we want the jobs and high technology for our children and children's children."

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