Chance to buy replacement females

By Jodie Rintoul
January 6 2022 - 10:00am
An example of the type of Angus females which will be offered by Richard and Robyn Walker, RF & RE Walker, Wilga. The Walkers will offer 160 PTIC Angus cows in the sale as part of a herd reduction of their registered commercial pure Coonac Angus herd.

PRODUCERS will have an excellent opportunity to purchase replacement females or extra breeders when the Nutrien Livestock Special Female Sale is held this month at Boyanup.

In the sale on Thursday, January 13, which will also be interfaced on AuctionsPlus, the Nutrien Livestock South West team will yard 600 quality breeders.



The offering will consist of unjoined first-cross and purebred Angus heifers and a major Angus herd reduction.

Nutrien Livestock South West manager Peter Storch said Nutrien Livestock had decided to hold the special female sale due to the quality of females producers had to market.

"The Nutrien Livestock South West team has put together a great line-up of females for this sale and buyers won't be disappointed," Mr Storch said.

"A feature will be a major herd reduction for RF & RE Walker's commercial Angus herd (Coonac Angus).

"It will comprise about 160 PTIC cows ranging from first calvers through to mature aged cows.

"It will present an excellent opportunity for producers looking for replacement females or additional breeders to purchase high quality, well-bred PTIC females.

"This is a very rare opportunity for producers to purchase such high quality females.

"We will also have an outstanding line-up of unmated first-cross and beef heifers.

"A number of the first-cross heifers in the line-up will be suitable to join this year.

"All the unmated heifers have been vet checked unjoined and suitable to breed and they have been tested BVDV free."

A major herd reduction for the registered commercial pure Angus herd, Coonac Angus, run by Richard and Robyn Walker, RF & RE Walker, Wilga, will be a sale highlight.

The herd reduction is occurring because the Walkers have relinquished some leases.

They will offer 160 Angus females, which range from first calvers through to mature aged cows.

Along with offering 160 Angus cows in the sale as part of a herd reduction RF & RE Walker, Wilga, will also offer 30 unmated 2021-drop heifers.

Mr Walker said the selection process for the females for the sale had been based on them keeping a spread of bloodlines and mating groups in the remaining herd and they had conducted a normal culling prior to selecting PTIC cows.

"Our aim is to run about 170 breeders in the future which is about half of our current herd," Mr Walker said.

Over the years the Walkers' breeding herd has been based on local Angus stud bloodlines and top quality Australian and international AI sires.



Bloodlines represented in the cows on offer include AI sires Ardrossan Equator, Te Mania Emperor, Millah Murrah Loch Up, Matauri Reality, S Chism, Te Mania Garth, Rennylea Edmund, Dunoon Evident, Coonamble Hunter and natural service bulls from Coonamble, Koojan Hills, Blackrock and Ardcairne studs.

The Walkers will offer 20 first calvers, 30 second calvers, 27 third calvers, 15 fourth calvers, 10 fifth calvers, 25 sixth calvers, 18 seventh calvers and 10 mature aged cows.

The cows are either in calf by AI or natural mating.

There will be 39 cows in the offering which have been AI'd to Landfall New Ground and Chiltern Park Moe and these are due to calve March/April.

The remaining 116 cows were joined by natural service to Coonamble Compliment N177, Coonamble Discovery N420, Coonamble Investment P20, Coonamble Ashland Q502, Ardcairne Edmund M7, Blackrock N297, Coonac Edmund PF24, Coonac Garth PG3 and Coonac Hunter RB17, and these are due to calve from April to June.

The Tartaglia family, GG & DM Tartaglia, Benger, will be among the bigger vendors of first-cross unmated heifers when they offer 47 owner-bred Angus-Friesians. Their offering will consist of 28 heifers aged 12-14 months and 19 heifers in the 8-10mo age bracket.



Joining details and calving dates will all be provided in full on sale day.

In addition to the PTIC cows, the Walkers will also offer 30 S-tag (2021-drop) unmated heifers and these have all been ear notched for Pestivirus.

Nutrien Livestock, Boyanup, Capel and Donnybrook agent Chris Waddingham said the Walkers' herd reduction provides a rare opportunity to market high quality productive females.

"Richard and Robyn are quiet, unassuming and astute cattle producers who over many years have built a top quality Angus herd," Mr Waddingham said.

"This sale offers buyers an extremely special opportunity to purchase genetics that have been carefully developed by very good livestock judges over many decades of breeding.

"The cattle themselves will present in fantastic condition and will be offered in year age groups.



"They will certainly meet expectations of any potential quality Angus female buyers."

Of the unjoined heifers offering, first-cross heifers will make up the largest percentage of the yarding with 250 Angus-Friesian heifers and 11 Murray Grey-Friesian heifers set to be yarded.

The largest vendor in this section will be Casad, Cowaramup, with 75 owner-bred first-cross heifers.

The large South West dairy operation offering will consist of 40 Angus-Friesians aged 12-16 months, 24 Angus-Friesians in the eight to 12mo age bracket and 11 Murray Grey-Friesians aged 10-14mo.

The line will be ideal to put away for next year's mating, according to Nutrien Livestock, Harvey/Brunswick agent Errol Gardiner.

The next biggest draft will come from C & L Italiano, Harvey, which has nominated 50 Angus-Friesian, owner-bred heifers, which are all sired by Hydillowah Angus bulls.


Regular vendors SJ & RM Piggott & Son, Harvey, will offer 12 unmated Angus-Friesian heifers aged 12-14 months.

Broken down the enterprise will offer 18 Angus-Friesians aged 14-16 months and 32 Angus-Friesians aged 8-12 months.

Mr Gardiner said this was their annual turn-off of first-cross heifers from their dairy.

"The top two pens will be big enough to join this year," Mr Gardiner said.

The Tartaglia family, GG & DM Tartaglia, Benger, will also be among the bigger vendors when they offer 47 owner-bred Angus-Friesians out of the dairy.

Their offering will consist of 28 heifers aged 12-14 months and 19 heifers in the 8-10mo age bracket.



These heifers are sired by Sheron Farm Angus bulls and, according to Mr Gardiner, are exceptionally quiet.

Also offering a sizable draft of Angus-Friesain heifers will be regular vendors V & G Ieraci & Sons, Brunswick.

The Ieraci family has nominated 15 heifers aged 20-22 months and 17 aged 14-16 months.

The heifers were bred and raised in the family's dairy.

Mr Gardiner said the Ieraci family's top lines will be ideal for mating this year while the younger heifers will be suited to backgrounding.

Another line of heifers which are suitable to mate this year will be presented by Mahaffey Family Trust, Benger.



The Benger dairy will offer 13 owner-bred, Angus-Friesian heifers in the 20-22mo age range.

Mr Gardiner said the heifers are sired by Sheron Farm Angus bulls.

"They are large-framed heifers which are ready to mate this year," he said.

"The Mahaffeys' heifers are well-known in the district for their exceptional temperament."

Elgin producers TC & KS Cox will present 25 unmated Angus heifers in the sale. The 9-10mo owner-bred heifers are sired by Cherylton and Black Market Angus bulls.

Another line of owner-bred Angus-Friesian heifers will be presented by regular vendors SJ & RM Piggott & Son, Harvey.



The Piggotts will offer 12 heifers aged 12-14 months and sired by Sheron Farm Angus bulls.

Mr Gardiner said the Piggotts' heifers were well-grown and the top pen would be big enough for joining in 2022.

Also coming in from Harvey will be seven Angus-Frieisan heifers from R & C Italiano & Sons.

These heifers were purchased as poddies and grown out and Mr Gardiner said they were ready for this year's mating program.

The 14-16mo heifers are sired by Sheron Farm Angus bulls.

Gelorup-based Kelly-Brae rounds out the vendors in the unjoined first-cross heifer run.



Kelly-Brae has nominated 18 Angus-Friesian heifers, which are 15mo.

This line of heifers were purchased in as calves and reared with this sale in mind.

For producers looking for purebred unjoined Angus heifers, a good run of these will also be available in the sale.

Combined nine vendors will offer 170 Angus heifers which will range in age from seven to 15mo.

Equal biggest vendor in this section, alongside the Walkers, with 30 heifers will be Bickley Grazing, Donnybrook.

The owner-bred heifers from Bickley Grazing are sired by Black Market and Kapari Angus bulls.



Mr Waddingham said the heifers were nice, well-grown Angus females.

"They are the top of the heifers from the 2021-drop and we are offering them in the sale as we see them worthy as future breeders," he said.

Elgin producers TC & KS Cox will also be up among the larger vendors in this section with 25 Angus heifers.

The 9-10mo owner-bred heifers are sired by Cherylton and Black Market Angus bulls.

Mr Waddingham said they were big, well-grown heifers and their top draft for 2021.

Bickley Grazing, Donnybrook, has nominated 30 unmated owner-bred Angus heifers, which are sired by Black Market and Kapari Angus bulls



"They are out of large frame Angus cows and by bulls which were selected specifically for their maternal traits," he said.

Other clients of Mr Waddingham to offer owner-bred Angus heifers include Kelly-Brae and JA & TP Patane, Donnybrook.

Kelly-Brae has nominated 15 heifers aged 10mo which are sired by Cherylton bulls while the Patanes will truck in 20 heifers aged 9-10mo sired by Cherylton and Black Market bulls.

Kau & Son, Yarloop and LR Payne, Collie, will both offer 10 Angus heifers each.

Mr Gardiner said the 8mo heifers from Kau & Son were a nice, owner-bred line which will be suitable for joining by May/June.

The heifers from LR Payne are older at 14-15mo and are large Angus heifers in forward to prime condition, according to Mr Gardiner.



Other vendors of unjoined heifers will be Charcol Springs, Manjimup, which will present eight head aged 10mo based on Lawsons and Coonamble Angus and Gan Family Trust, Bridgetown, which will offer 20 head, aged 10mo and based on Koojan Hills bloodlines.

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