Steers dominate Boyanup yarding at $2380

By Jodie Rintoul
February 10 2022 - 4:00am
Vendors John, Ainslie and Susie Batt, Boddington, look over their line of Angus steers they offered in last week's WALSA Boyanup weaner sale. The Batt's steers sold to a top of $2259.

IT might have been the last combined WALSA Boyanup weaner sale last week for the season but once again agents presented a quality line-up of weaned calves for the buying fraternity.

All up 1473 weaners were offered in the yarding by the two agents and they came from as far east as Hyden through to the deep south in Pemberton.



Like past sales buyers were once again strong in their bidding with lotfeeders, exporters and graziers all chasing cattle.

Compared to the previous week's sale medium and heavyweight calves were up about 20c/kg while lightweights were similar.

Steers once again dominated the yarding and topped at $2380 and 712c/kg while heifers sold up to $2112 and 628c/kg.

The whole yarding, which had an average weight of 336 kilograms sold for an average $1984 a head, which was up $83 a head on the previous sale.


The Elders offering kicked off the sale and the main lines of cattle in their section came from the Pemberton and Manjimup areas, as well as Benger.

Jim Fox (left) and his father Jim, JS Fox & Son, Pemberton, caught up with Elders, Manjimup representative Cameron Harris to look over the family's first pen of steers (pictured behind) in the sale. The Fox family offered 42 Angus steers in the sale which sold to a top of $2265.

Topping the Elders steer offering at $2332 was a pen of 14 Angus cross steers averaging 418kg from RJ & BR Friend, Unicup, when sold at 558c/kg to Kevin Armstrong, Willowbank, Benger.

The Friends also sold two lines of Shorthorn steers and these were both purchased by Graeme Brown for a Wheatbelt feedlot.

Mr Brown went to 610c/kg ($2154) for a pen of 13 weighing 353kg and 590c/kg ($2287) for 24 averaging 388kg.

He also purchased a line of nine Red Angus weighing 383kg for the same feedlot from RP Gartrell at 582c/kg and $2228.

The Fox family, JS Fox, Pemberton, had three pens of Angus steers (41 head) and these sold to a high $2265 for a draft of 21 weighing 572kg when sold at 396kg to Elders, Boyanup representative Alex Roberts.

Mr Roberts picked up 10 other Fox steers weighing 312kg at 640c/kg and $1994.

Also on Mr Roberts buying order was a line of 11 Angus steers weighing 391kg from Wood View when knocked down to him at 572c/kg and $2233.

Kalgrains, Wannamal, was another name which was clerked regularly on to the buying sheets.

Included on the truck to Wannamal were nine Angus steers weighing 406kg from CR Decampo Pty Ltd, along with 12 Angus averaging 404kg from Dehaan & Son both at $2231, while it paid $2178 for 12 Angus weighing 400kg from TJ & MB Waugh, Manjimup and $2202 for 28 Angus cross averaging 395kg from RW Bevan, Perup.

Benger-based operation Notechis Pty Ltd had three pens of Limousin cross steers on offer weighing between 346 and 407kg and they sold from $2073 to a high of $2240 for a pen of nine weighing 407kg when it was knocked down to Kalgrains at 550c/kg.

Kalgrains also picked up two pens of Angus steers weighing 394 and 332kg from JP & LJ Andony at $2166 and $2000.



The best liveweight price in the Elders steer run was 685c/kg bid by Elders, Waroona representative Wade Krawczyk for 15 Angus cross weighing 268kg to return $1836 to Telarah Farms.

Not far behind were eight Angus averaging 273kg from G & CR Musitano, which sold at 680c/kg ($1857) to Nutrien Livestock, Waroona agent Richard Pollock, while a pen of 13 SimAngus steers weighing 310kg from Roemarie Enterprises, Darkan, sold for 634c/kg ($1965) to Nutrien Livestock, Boyup Brook agent Jamie Abbs.

The $2112 top heifer price in the Elders run was also the best heifer price achieved in the sale and it was paid by Mr Roberts when he bid to 578c/kg for a pen of 12 Angus heifers weighing 365kg from TJ & MB Waugh.

Mr Roberts also secured five Angus weighing 366kg from Dehhan & Son at 572c/kg to cost $2094 and seven Charolais cross averaging 394kg from A & M Fox, Pemberton at 532c/kg an $2094.

In the heifers Mr Brown was busy buying for Bassem Dabbah and his purchases included three pens of Angus weighing 325kg, 311kg and 290kg from G & CR Musitano at $1907, $1856 and $1075, as well as 13 Limousin cross averaging 316kg from Notechis Pty Ltd at $1834 and eight SimAngus weighing 288kg from Roemarie Enterprises at $1702.

Mr Brown's draft for Bassem Dabbah also included the top 600c/kg liveweight price for heifers in the Elders offering when he bid this value for five Charolais cross weighing 276kg from CA & SJ Jones.



Nutrien Livestock, Bridgetown agent Ben Cooper was another to show his hand in the heifer offering picking up four pens which included 12 Angus weighing 318kg from TJ & MB Waugh at $1831 and four Murray Grey cross averaging 376kg from Manjimup Senior High School Farm at $1904.

Nutrien Livestock

The Nutrien Livestock yarding was made up of purely Wheatbelt-bred calves from the Hyden, Yealering, Boddington, Narrogin and Williams areas and they sold extremely well.

Nutrien Livestock, Williams representative Peter Moore (left), inspected the Maiolo family's Angus weaners from their Narrogin property in the sale with Ralph Maiolo, RA & A Maiolo & Son. The family's steers sold to $2274 while their heifers made up to $2107.

The steer line-up topped at $2380, which was also the overall top price for steers on the day.

It was achieved by a pen of 10 Simmental cross steers averaging 418kg from Terry and Jessica James, Terrica Valley, Hyden, when it was knocked down to Kalgrains at 570c/kg.

Terrica Valley was the major vendor in the run offering a total of 211 steers based on Hereford, Simmental, Red Angus and Angus bloodlines that weighed from 230 to 418kg.



Kalgrains picked up four other pens of the Terrica Valley steers, which weighed 393kg, 389kg, 371kg and 359kg, for $2334, $2315, $2226 and $2156.

Mr Pollock who had earlier purchased a few pens in the Elders offering went up a gear when the Nutrien Livestock offering went under the hammer.

His purchases included 11 pens of Terrica Valley steers for a number of different clients.

Mr Pollock's biggest outlay was $2047 for 10 Simmental cross weighing 340kg when he went to 602c/kg while he also paid $2001 for eight Red Angus weighing 305kg.

Terrica Valley collected the day's top price double when it also sold the pen which recorded the 712c/kg top liveweight price.

This pen of seven Simmental cross weighing 230kg also went to Mr Pollock who also bid to 680c/kg and 674c/kg for two other pens of seven Simmental cross which weighed 244kg and 254kg offered by Terrica Valley.



Melrose Enterprises also must have liked the look of the Terrica Valley steers as it picked up three pens of Simmental and Simmental cross which weighed 376kg, 363kg, and 386kg for $2280, $2175 and $2307.

The Maiolo family, RA & A Maiolo & Son, Narrogin, saw three pens of their Angus steers weighing 388kg, 374kg and 366kg make $2274, $2224 and $2145 with Mr Pollock buying two of them.

Another volume vendor of Angus steers was the Batt family, AJ Batt & Co, Boddington, who offered five pens (46) weighing from 308 to 379kg and again it was Mr Pollock who got his hands on the majority of these picking up four of the pens at $2259, $2079, $2026 and $1962.

The best of the AR & GR Fawcett's Angus steers from Boddington sold at $2244 paid by Kalgrains for a pen of 10 weighing 379kg, while Mr Brown picked up two pens of the Fawcett steers for his Wheatbelt feedlot paying $2143 and $2159 for pens weighing 353kg and 361kg.

Maroondah Farms, Yealering, offered five pens (55 head) of Angus and Murray Grey cross steers weighing from 292 to 364kg and the best returns it achieved was $2193 for 11 Angus weighing 360kg paid by Kalgrains and $2160 paid by Willowbank for 11 Angus averaging 364kg.

JJJ Farms, Hyden, sold three pens of Murray Grey steers between 295 and 370kg and these peaked at $2190 paid by Kalgrains for a pen of 10 weighing 370kg, while Abban Farms, Hyden, best return for its two pens of Murray Greys was $2125 paid by Kalgrains for 12 weighing 358kg.



Two pens of Angus steers from TV & GP Salmeri, Boddington, topped at $2171 for eight weighing 363kg when they were bought by Kalgrains, while Gillett Bros, Williams, saw its four pens of Angus and Simmental cross steers weighing 289kg to 351kg top at $2131 paid by Willowbank for a pen of 10 Angus averaging 351kg.

Lindsay James (left), Hyden and Nutrien Livestock, Waroona agent Richard Pollock, inspected Mr James' sons weaners in the sale. Mr James son's who trades as Terrica Valley, Hyden, was the volume vendor in the sale offering 211 steers and 117 heifers. A pen of 10 Simmental cross steers from Terrica Valley topped the day's prices when sold at $2380.

Competition from buyers was just as strong when they moved on to the heifers and the top price here was $2107 paid by Mr Pollock for a pen of five Angus averaging 367kg from RA & A Maiolo & Son.

Mr Pollock also purchased two other pens of five Angus heifers weighing 349kg and 343kg from the Maiolo account at $1975 and $1996.

Gillett Bros also saw returns of more than $2000 for its heifers when it sold four Angus averaging 376kg at 550c/kg and $2069 and eight Simmental cross weighing 352kg at 576c/kg and $2027 to Mr Pollock.

Mr Cooper was also active on the heifers in the Nutrien Livestock run paying to $1899 for 10 Angus weighing 336kg from AR & GR Fawcett.



He also paid $1899 for eight Angus averaging 326kg and $1880 for 10 Murray Greys weighing 315kg from TV & GP Salmeri.

Mr Brown also purchased strongly for Bassem Dabbah which included buying six pens of the AR & GR Fawcett's Angus heifers which weighed 292 to 312kg for between $1748 and $1860.

JJJ Farms and Abban Farms, both offered Murray Grey heifers and all were purchased by Maywill Farms.

JJJ Farms saw its pen of eight weighing 273kg sell at 596c/kg and $1624 while Abban Farms sold two pens of seven averaging 299kg and 276kg for $1778 and $1620 at 594c/kg and 586c/kg.

Like in the steer run Terrica Valley also had big numbers in the heifer offering, with 117 head in the pens.

It recorded the top 628c/kg liveweight price in the run bid by Mr Pollock for 15 Angus cross weighing 229kg.



Mr Pollock also picked up four pens of Simmental and Simmental cross heifers from Terrica Valley ranging between 250kg and 342kg for $1497 to $1948.

What the agent said

ELDERS, Donnybrook representative and sale auctioneer Pearce Watling said it was a good quality yarding as they have been all season for the last combined weaner sale for the year.

"The sale was well supported by lotfeeders, exporters and graziers which saw the market stronger than the previous week," Mr Watling said.

"Medium and heavyweight steers and heifers were dearer by 20c/kg on the previous sale while lightweights sold at similar values.

"It has been good to see throughout the selling season there has been a premium paid for the weaned weaners in these sales by local graziers, exporters and lotfeeders.

"Thank you to all vendors, buyers, carriers and staff and agents of both companies for your support and work with the weaner sales this season as it has been critical to their success."



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