Johnson family's Naranda and Bannitup Angus bull sale tops $14,500 at Esperance

By Jessica Whyte
March 20 2022 - 2:00am
Nutrien Livestock, Esperance representative, Sinead O'Gara (left), Nutrien Livestock auctioneer Neil Brindley, buyer Jordan Whiting, Shepwok Downs, Esperance, Naranda stud principal David Johnson and buyer Brett Whiting, with the $14,500 top-priced Naranda bull sold in the Johnson family's joint on-property sale at Esperance.

GOOD figures and presentation of the bulls produced a strong sale result at the Johnson family's fourth annual joint Naranda and Bannitup Angus bull sale at Esperance.

The sale, which kicked off Nutrien Livestock Esperance's Angus circuit bull sales, attracted a good crowd of both onlookers and buyers.



After trialling a joint sale between the three studs at the one location last year, the stud principals decided to return to the original format, hosting their sales at each of the stud's respective farms.

Combined the two studs offered 46 bulls in the sale, with Naranda offering 18 head and Bannitup putting up 28 head.

The sale was also sequentially interfaced with AuctionsPlus for the first time and it saw 15 registered bidders and 25 viewers connect in.

All up there were nine online bids placed which resulted in two lots selling via the platform.

Overall there was 742 catalogue views and the online top price was $14,000.

Enjoying the day out were Grady McGillivray (left), Esperance and Trevor Spencer, Esperance.

Nutrien Livestock auctioneer Neil Brindley powered through the offering on the back of good support from the buyers in attendance, who pushed prices to a sale high of $14,500 for a Naranda sire.

By sale's end, Mr Brindley had cleared 44 of the 46 bulls offered at an average of $8591, which was up on last year's average of $6171, when the two studs sold 35 bulls from 48 offered.

Mr Brindley said the sale result reflected the quality of the offering from both studs and overall the sale went very well.

"The beef market attracted a premium of buyers to produce a strong sale result," Mr Brindley said.


An increased offering of 18 bulls from Naranda stud principals Dale and David Johnson started the sale off and by the end of the Naranda run all 18 bulls were headed to new homes to the sale's $14,500 top and an average of $10,593, which was up $5343 on last year.

In comparison in last year's sale Naranda offered nine bulls and sold four under the hammer to a top of $6500 and an average of $5250.

Achieving the sale's top price at $14,500 was Naranda R5 when it sold to long-term client the Whiting family, Shepwok Downs, Gibson, which runs 700 Angus breeders.

The 876 kilogram Rennylea N184 son was not only impressive on the eye, but it also had an even spread of Estimated Breeding Values (EBVs) including 6.0 calving ease daughters (Dtrs), -8.5 gestation length (GL), +5.4 birthweight, +57, +101, +134 for 200, 400, 600-day weights, +119 mature cow weight (MCW), +16 milk, +81 carcase weight (CWT), +10.2 EMA, -0.3 rib fat, 0.7 P8 fat, 0.3 retail beef yield (RBY) and 3.4 IMF.

Nutrien Livestock auctioneer Neil Brindley (left), Bannitup stud principals Khumo and Andrew Johnson with the stud's $12,000 top-priced bull Bannitup, Remark R31 at the Bannitup and Naranda Angus on-property bull sale at Esperance. The bull was purchased by ST Stead Trust, Esperance.

The figures rank it in the top six to 10 per cent for GL, CWT, EMA and IMF and top 15-20pc for Dtrs, MCW plus 200, 400 and 600-day weights.



It also ranked highly on the selection indexes as well with values of +$241 for the $A index and +$415 for the $A-L index which were in the top 11pc and 7pc respectively.

Buyers Brett and Jordan Whiting said they were first attracted to the bull because of its physical attributes.

Brett Whiting said the bull was well structured and overall presented well on the day.

"Along with physical attributes he also has a great set of figures," Mr Whiting said.

Two bulls were sold via AuctionsPlus including the $14,000 second top-priced bull Naranda R76 which was purchased by a return Esperance buyer.

The 830kg Baldridge Beast Mode son ranks in the top 3pc of the breed for 200 and 400-day weights with values of +65 and +114 and top 9pc for 600-day weight (+141) and an IMF (+3.5).



It also ranks in the top 11pc for CWT and top 19pc for MCW, while it is in the top 17pc and 18pc for the $A-L and $A indexes respectively.

Boyd (left) and Stuart Eime, Esperance, with some of the Angus bulls at the Naranda and Bannitup bull sale.

The second bull to sell via the online platform was the 810kg Naranda R68 and it made $12,000 selling to the same Esperance buyer.

R68 was also a son of Baldridge Best Mode and it also impressed on the EBV front ranking in the top 2pc for all indexes and top 4-9pc for 200, 400 and 600-day weights and CWT.

Also bidding up was Ridley Plains, Esperance, which secured the first bull offered, Naranda R49, for $12,500.

The Baldridge Beast Mode son weighed in at 882kg and is in the top 2-4pc for 200, 400 and 600-day weights as well as top 10pc for calving ease direct, calving ease daughters, days to calving and scrotal size and IMF.



The volume buyer title in the run went to Lanstal Esperance farm manager Graham Maitland when he collected six bulls at a top of $12,000 and an average of $10,167.

Mr Maitland bid to $12,000 for Naranda R81, which is a son of Baldridge Beast Mode.

R81 ranks in the top 4pc for BWT (+1.1) and top 8pc for scrotal size (SS) (+3.4) and EMA (+10) while its $A index (+$238) is in the top 13pc of the breed.

Mr Maitland said the enterprise, which currently runs 1300 breeders, was in the process of changing from Shorthorn cattle to Angus cattle and was looking to reduce the frame size in the herd.

"We bought the volume of bulls that we did because we are changing breeds," Mr Maitland said.

Another multiple buyer in the offering was Hargate Park, Esperance, which secured two bulls Naranda R58 for $11,000 and Naranda R117 for $9000.



Naranda stud principal David Johnson said he was pleased with the sale outcome.

"It was good to see people recognising the market prices and to have an average of $10,583 was good to see," Mr Johnson said.

"We had an outstanding season, one of the best we've seen and were surprised at the weights of the bulls."


There was no break between the offerings with Mr Brindley jumping right into Andrew and Khumo Johnson's Bannitup stud offering.

The stud cleared 26 sires from 28 offered at an average of $7212, to also have better figures than the previous year's sale when 31 out of 39 bulls sold to a peak of $11,000 and an average of $6290.



The top price in the Bannitup offering was $12,000 and it was recorded against Bannitup Remark R31 when it was knocked down to Simon and Sue Stead, ST Stead Trust, Esperance.

The Rennylea K1111 son weighed 844kg and came with a good set of EBVs which saw it ranked in the top 3pc for SS, top 9pc for 600-day weight, CWT and the $A-L index plus top 10pc for 400-day weight and days to calving.

It also ranks in the top 14-18pc for 200-day weight, MCW, milk, IMF and the $A index.

The Steads also paid $7500 for Bannitup R84, which is sired by Rennylea K1111 and described in the catalogue as a safe heifer bull with excellent carcase traits.

It ranks in the top 12-15pc for EMA and IMF.

After being the volume buyer in the Naranda offering Mr Maitland continued on his buying spree in the Bannitup run securing a further 13 bulls to make him the volume buyer in this part of the catalogue as well.



Mr Maitland paid a top of $10,000 thee times and averaged $7346 across his 13 selections.

Also securing a number of bulls was GJ & AL Thomason which purchased five bulls at a top of $8000 and an average of $6200.

Another multiple buyer in the run was Harry Davies Trust which secured two bulls - Bannitup R19 for $6000 and Bannitup R89 for $5000, to go with a single sire purchased from Naranda at $8000.

Bannitup stud principal Andrew Johnson said it was a very good sale and he was happy with the result.

"It was a good day for the sale and the top end sold well," Mr Johnson said.

"We had a very good season and the bulls put weight on very easily."



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