1324 cattle penned at Elders Boyanup Beef Store cattle sale, averaging $1977

By Rob Francis
April 13 2022 - 5:00am

THE wheels have far from fallen off the beef cattle sale bonanza, with the Elders special beef steer and heifer sale at Boyanup last week returning fantastic results and values.

Alcoa Farmlands, Wagerup and Pinjarra, was a volume vendor in the sale. Looking over the cattle it had on offer were Alcoa Farmlands' Richard Gardiner (left), Richard Metcalfe, Koojan Hills Angus stud, Manypeaks and Alcoa Farmlands' Vaughan Byrd. Alcoa Farmlands uses Koojan Hills bulls as part of its sire battery.

With 1324 cattle penned, with an average weight of 334 kilograms averaging $1977 to gross $2,618,547 million to be the best result for some weeks at the Boyanup venue.



The majority of the offering was sitting in the sweet spot weight wise, proving to suit the lotfeeder industry perfectly.

While the buying gallery looked a little thin before sale start, those in attendance were genuine buyers and competed strongly to give this excellent return for vendors.

This result was no doubt assisted by the quality of the cattle on offer, which included 650 head from Alcoa Farmlands, Wagerup and Pinjarra, that were popular with buyers.

Steers sold to $2605 and 660 cents per kilogram while heifers topped at $2603 and 645c/kg.

Lance Ford (left), Waroona, with Elders, Waroona representative Wade Krawczyk caught up before the sale on the rails. In the sale Mr Ford sold heifers to $1833.

This showed steers having a lift of $48 and heifers a massive $375 if looking only at the top prices.

The run of 650 cattle from Alcoa Farmlands was an obvious attraction for buyers aided by several other vendors offering suitable types.

Elders Esperance added to the lift when buying 15 pens of steers as well as two pens of heifers.

John Gallop also added to the tempo when putting together a draft 21 lines for the O'Meehan & Co feedlot.

Graeme Brown again was after numbers and purchased a total of 16 pens for clients.

Several agents divided the balance of offering, along with regular buyers Willowbank, Benger and Galati Family Trust, Brunswick.

Norm Dennis, Marybrook, was looking for a few extra heifers and was successful in buying 12 at

A line of 12 Angus steers from Alcoa Farmlands weighing 387kg got the sale off well when Nutrien Livestock, Boyup Brook agent Jamie Abbs bid to 624c/kg to outlay $2418.

Mr Abbs then paid 626c/kg and $2365 for another 12 weighing 377kg, later adding another 11 for $2393 at 624c/kg.

Several pens were knocked down to Princess Royal Trading, South Australia, with the first line of 11 weighing 393kg making $2330 at 592c/kg.

The next pen was also destined for South Australia with the 11 steers averaging 384kg, selling for $2342 and 610c/kg.

The first line bought by Elders Esperance for Telina Downs weighed 342kg and sold for $2241 at 654c/kg.



This buyer later added another seven pens of Alcoa Farmlands steers paying from $2267 to $2313, over the narrow range of 640-648c/kg.

Andrew Cunningham (left), Bunbury, was at the Elders sale and caught up with Geoff Willis, Capel, before the sale started.

The top price though in the steers went to a pen of six sold by Killarney Pines, Donnybrook, when Harvey Beef entered the battle to pay $2605 for the 491kg steers, when it bid to 530c/kg.

Harvey Beef then added the next pen of six steers weighing 459kg from DJ & L Klein, Capel, with these costing $2461.

Angus steers from WT & MC Hurst, Boyanup, sold well to return $2463 at 584c/kg when bought for Princess Royal Trading and another eight cost Mr Abbs, $2325 at 614c/kg.

The tops of the steers from BM Strang, Donnybrook, went to Princess Royal Trading at $2531 when the 415kg steers made 610c/kg.



A second run of slightly lighter steers from Alcoa Farmlands saw John Gallop pull out all stops, buying 12 pens for O'Meehan & Co, paying the top of 660c/kg for seven of those pens.

These ranged between $2081 and $2159 for lines consistently at about 328kg.

The Murray Grey steers topped at $2586 when Harvey Beef bid to 594c/kg for the 448kg steers from Avenlea Grazing.

The top paid for grey steers from Alex C & CJ McNab was $2355 when bought for Princess Royal Trading at 600c/kg.

Elders Esperance secured several pens of the McNab steers for Telina Downs, paying up to $2350 and 648c/kg.

Other top returns for smaller drafts included nine Simmental steers weighing 390kg returning NC Trigwell, Boyanup, $2382 at 580c/kg when going to Princess Royal Trading.



Joining these were three Red Angus from The Searle Family Trust costing $2088 at 580c/kg.

Late in the sale seven Limousin steers weighing 327kg from Carbon Plus, Brunswick, sold at 630c/kg to return $2065.

Ten Simangus heifers from Yornup Holdings started the female section strongly when Centrefire Pty Ltd paid $2348 at 614c/kg for the heifers weighing 382kg.

Mr Abbs secured the next 10 Yornup Angus heifers weighing 394kg for $2461 and 624c/kg before Elders Boyanup bought three pens of Simangus for $2307, $2205 and $2222 for up to 592c/kg.

Cherry View Estate, Donnybrook, blew them all out of the water when its first pen of 11 heifers weighing 403kg bought by John Wilmot for future breeders, bid to $2603 at 645c/kg for these to take the top price double in total value and c/kg.

A second pen from this vendor went to Elders Boyanup for $2584 and 560c/kg.



Norm Dennis, Marybrook, bought the top pen of black heifers from BM Strang at $2373 and 640c/kg.

Alcoa Farmlands had several pens of black Simmental heifers on offer with Elders Waroona taking the first three pens of these at $2062, $1942 and $1873 at up to 562c/kg.

The Alcoa Farmlands' lightweight Angus heifers saw Rodney Galati, Galati Family Trust secure six pens, paying up to $1628 and 580c/kg.

Later, Mr Galati added a pen of 13 Limousin heifers weighing 291kg from Carbon Plus costing $1688 at 580c/kg.

The best of the Murray Grey heifers from Alex C & CJ McNab went to Princess Royal Trading at $1625 and 520c/kg.




ELDERS auctioneer and Margaret River agent Alec Williams said the first leg of this month's two-day store sale saw just over 1300 head of beef steer and heifer weaners yarded.

"There were sizable annual drafts offered, after being held specifically set aside for this sale," Mr Williams said.

"A big percentage of Angus steer and heifers were presented and the quality and uniformity of weights reflected in their values achieved.

"The average liveweight on most categories was lighter, but the quality was similar to previous sales with the cattle holding up well, especially those off irrigation country.

"This factor saw a lift in the steer and heifer returns, with solid lotfeeder, shipper and grazier competition on these drafts and values were equal on the heavier end on the back of Eastern States' and local demand."

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