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I dont know if GM foods are safe or not,what I do know is that GM is a Trojan horse to hand over ability to control/own gene's and gene sequences.
Think ahead 20 years,look at the concentration of canola breaders in Canada,yes farmers have had some great traits availible for the past number of years, visit and talk to Canadian farmers (as I have) and they are starting to relize what happens to any business who allows another business to own full links in the production chain.
You dont have to own the chain, you just have to own/control one link.
09/04/14 08:19 AM


If ADM were could see a commercial case to inject capitol into Graincorp as a business, why cannot Graincorp kust borrow the money like evertbody eles in Business?
The answer is they can, ADM could see that if you own a whole link in the chain you control the whole chain.
30/11/13 11:31 AM
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Nice Backstory,
Maybe The Land could go behind the ADM supplied copy and show what an difference East coast virtual monopoly will operate like. Really well for ADM, I am guessing.
28/07/13 01:23 PM
The US do look after their "OWN" that's the whole point. The US don't have friends they only have interest's.
23/07/13 05:48 AM
Will someone just flush the toilet, Please
08/07/13 10:00 AM
What a laugh, Mr Windsor backed the worst Fed Govt in history,now he is scared spitless because the people of New England will reward him for betraying them. Mr Windsor cannot see past his bitterness towards the national's which he sprays given half a chance.
For a smart man he has backed some bad horses.
20/03/13 06:28 AM
Great story, well told, good on you both
04/11/12 05:02 AM
The farmer needs only look in the US for amazing resistance 100pc related to RR crops.
The real worry will be who controls agriculture in the future.
It is a great distraction to always talk about food safty and limit the debate to Greens versus smart science.
By the way, I am a large dryland graingrower and do use chemicals as I am a zero tiller. So my comments cannot be put in the "Green" basket.
02/10/12 04:02 AM


The really big issue is who will control the food chain in the future. If you own a link you control the chain.
Multinationals are positioning themselves to do this, what they need is a tool to allow this to happen.
I don't know if Gm foods are unsafe or not, they should be independently tested though.
There is a real benefit of GM in pre breading, it speeds up the process.
Ask Canadian farmers about $30 kg for canola seed. Then tell Aussie farmers that don't worry you can always choose non GM. The multinationals just buy the smaller breeders and there goes the choice.
21/08/13 06:18 AM
When I saw this articles heading I thought it was about Graincorp selling out to ADM.
14/07/13 04:42 AM
Sure, lets hand our future 100% over to US corporate control, Aust Grain gowers will be glorified factory workers within 10 years. East cost grain export control etc etc etc. The US don't have friends,they only have interests. (i.e theirs).
08/05/13 04:55 AM
Just wondered if the trimble RTX (satalite sub 4cm) system is a similar idea, does anyone know if it works well?
02/03/13 05:53 AM
I am a contributor to GRDC funding, good work being done, just dont sell growers future down the river for 30 pieces of silver to the multinationals.
They rarley end up on the wrong end of any deal.
Another point to note Mr Harvey, last time I looked Private growers supplied 50% of your funding,funny how this sudenly is considered "Public",if your other masters money is getting in the way maybe we need to wean ourselves off it.
As a grower I would cheer you on although dont be niaeve about big business wanting to "Help" growers.
23/08/12 06:15 AM
The US are all the time pushing GM as the answer,I live and farm in east africa and see there are many other limiting factors like basics to address that would transform their production.
The US have a long and disgracful history of pretending to be a friend and then only serving themselves.
Mayby one day GM will add some value to production in East Africa although we dont want mutinationals owning full links in the grain production chain here or anywhere.
21/08/12 04:56 AM
X ag Socialist, so a Canandian grower who has unpriced i.e unsold Canola in his silo on his farm delivers this today to a Silo 1100km from port, and due to the fact the canola was harvetested in Aug/Sept it is sudenly worth $100 more on the cash market on the same day it is worth $100 less in Australia who is cheaper by sea freight to China where most of the canola from this area is going. You must work for a vested interest to use your logic.(spin)
30/01/13 06:24 PM
No, delivered today at Elervator, I am at a conference called "farmTech" just walked around the trade show, my numbers are correct. Also it is being exported to china in the main. Even if it was'nt why would a enduser/trader pay $100 over export parity if export parity was in fact the Aust price. For your interest the rail freight is $45 per t for approx 1100km over the Rocky's. Privatly owned Hmmmm.
29/01/13 06:47 PM
I am in Canada at present, price delivered to the local silo (Elevervator) 1100 km from port is $608 AUD today (net to farmer), Price delivered to a east coast Silo (elervator) 430km from port is $505 AUD. (net to farmer) Australian graingrowers are getting fleeced by the trade and our storage operators.
28/01/13 04:17 PM


Ask Canadian farmers how much choice they have after a number of years of the big companies buying up smaller canola breeders, canola seed prices have increased to the point where Canadian farmers are talking a lot about its impact on their businesses.
Its not that different to supermarket power being in a limited number of large multi national companies hands.
I can see no health issue with GM crops other than the long term financial health of farmers world wide become defacto employees of the seed companies.
If you control one link in the chain you can control the chain.
15/02/15 08:23 AM
Farming is a Brother and sisterhood, just know the great majority of other farmers stand beside whoever is under pressure.
20/02/14 06:20 AM
having Windsor's endorsement was the "Kiss of Death" for Rob Taber.
08/09/13 03:39 PM


Talk about talking your book, many if not most of the low hour telehandlers come from Europe where the standards are every bit as high.
This type of scaremongering should not be considered a story, it should be a paid ad.
PS: I am a farmer and have no interest other than objecting to spin.
11/11/12 06:21 PM


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