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Agribuzz with David Leyonhjelm

Bushie is on the right track here, thr Liberals and Nationals would be surprised about the number of their supporters are now looking at thr LDP as the alternative that looks as though it cares more for agriculture and property rights than the Libs and Nats ever have!!
15/10/14 08:16 AM
If BarnAby does not act on the current beef cattle Senate Inquiry report it will be a dark day for democracy in Australia. We all know these compulsory levies do not result in any kind of democracy in the agricultural sector, the is no doubt that it is taxation without democratic representation and it must cease. If not the unrest wil continue to grow and become more aggressive
04/10/14 07:25 AM


The current recommendation to Joyce re the grass fed cattle transaction levy Senate Inquiry is almost the total destruction of the Senate Inquiry recommendations. If you look at it it looks like Joyce's own department wrote it! I'd say the department of agriculture wants to maintain taxation without proper representation for another 20 years and it is a bloody disgrace!
20/02/15 12:37 AM
While Barney's mob has achieved what you say, the basic problem of the red meat industry structure (a Nationals construct) still exists and played a major role in the lack of livestock producer representation before the LIVEEX ban. Barney must act on ALL the Senate recommendations to help prevent future governments making such serious mistakes.
01/12/14 10:55 PM
What are our National politicians aBout. Rural Australia, Idon,t think so, they are firmly in bed with the Liberals and it appears they don,t give a rats about their electorates and Ag business,s. Time for farmers to desert theNational party!!
04/06/14 09:10 AM


Joyce could do well to look at his own performance, particularly on relation to adopting the Senate recommendations on grass fed cattle levies. all we have had is nothing after he initiated the inquir, millions were spent and the Senate came up with excelLent recommendations. the result is A big fat zero from Joyce
28/01/15 01:09 AM
The biggest test for Senator Sterle will be his report on the beef cattle transaction levy issue. If this ends up being a whitewash as we suspect Barnaby Joyce wanted, we will all know what government is about!!!
06/07/14 12:33 AM
Isn,t it amazing that all these promises are made a week before the election, hopefully farmers remember what the coalition have cost farmers in the past. why would they be any different this time around. Time to end major party dominance of government
29/08/13 03:22 AM
We are doomed!
06/01/15 07:16 AM
Good grief, David is proposing democracy for levy payers, not the destruction of agriculture. Do all these AAg people have their snouts in the levy trough??? What's there probelm with democracy AAG
21/08/14 08:08 AM
This is all fine,but there must be a payment for the effort. let livestock producers decide what market they aim for and the price payable for their effort. If the consumer wants all this then he must pay a premium!!
24/04/14 08:13 AM


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