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Agribuzz with David Leyonhjelm

When Twiggy Forrest sells iron ore to Japan, Korea, China, does he pay for the promotion to sell motor cars?
No, well why is the MLA spending so much of cattle producer's money on the promotion of meat? Let those who are selling the meat pay for their own promotion.
So Bushie Bill is back in action again - he must have got his heavily subsidised Satellite Internet Connection going again!
Well said Caronbc. Cut the interest rate to 1% above the RBA rate (that is to less than half what the Banks are charging) . Cut the MLA levy to $2 and get rid of the NLIS to get rid of more expense. and then we can
Well agribuzz, if our ag-exectutives are the lowest paid in the world, it just goes to show how overpaid they are in the rest of the world. This is one of the main troubles with our economies - too many fat cats.

Get Muddy

Warren Truss is another stooge for the trendy Liberals - he is not very effective in representing his constituents.

A matter of opinion

One reason why a lot of people are apathetic is because they have made previous efforts to fix things through their local farming organization only to have their ideas canned by those higher up in the organization. Consequently, they have been saying to themselves "what is the use of bothering".

Burrs under my saddle

Good on you Peter. Please make sure that you promote the idea of putting the Katter Australian Party as your second preference on your how-to-vote cards and make sure that you talk to Bob Katter because he has got similar ideas to you.
So much so that the Libs and Nationals have been trying to get rid of him ever since he pulled out of the National Party and so far they have not been able to!
His party has got a good following in NQ holding the seats of Mt Isa and Dalrymple so please work along with him. One of the main reasons why he is not more popular Aust wide is because of the media

Bush Matters

Good on you Barry. Lets hope you can get sufficient support from your fellow Politicians to make things like this happen. If it is good enough for the Yanks, let it be good enough for these little Aussie battlers.


I wonder how much Mr Spierlings gets paid and how it compares with the average Farmer's returns?
Haven't Woolworths been having this come for a long while.
This should be interesting as long as the truth comes out.
Come on Little Aussie Battlers, don't sell out. Show this article to your bankers and hang in there - there is plenty of promise of better times ahead.
Where is Bush Basher Bushie Bill on this one - munching on his Cornflakes ........made from the corn which was most likely produced and sold at less than the cost of production? Don't choke on this fact Bushie.
Initially, the main winners out of this measure will be the Regional businesses who will be supplying the materials and the Regional workers who will be doing the construction (if there are any producers who have any money or who have enough courage and faith in the future to go and borrow money to carry out this expenditure).
Yes and Aldi will have some fun targeting Colesworth's weaknesses because they have got plenty of them.
And it is interesting to note that there are four major grocery chains in Britain, not two as in Australia.
This is another example for Little Aussie Battlers to stand up to their Banks and HANG IN THERE! There is always a future for Agriculture - its just that it is a bit hard to see sometimes.
RaboBank does not deal in any other assets but Agriculture and they keep on keeping on year in year out.
The poor old Rural Real Estate Agents will be crying - maybe they should have a good look at the exorbitant Commissions that they charge for selling properties - a factor in making land dearer to buy for genuine Primary Producers. And while they are at it, lobby the State Governments to reduce the exorbitant amount of Stamp Duty that gets charged on these transactions.
The small business definition of $2m turnover definitely wants raising because in the real world, $2m is peanuts - it needs lifting by at least 50% if not 100%. Because of the Australian operating costs being the highest in the world, the need for higher turnover is paramount for making any sort of profit.
Where is Bushie Bill on this one? Has he choked on the abundant food with which he is being subsided due to the various Primary Producers who are producing food below the cost of production?


Well written from me as well Pete, producers are getting record costs just about all of the time, even when producers are not getting record prices. It is at last becoming recognized that Australia is one of the dearest countries on the planet to live or to operate a business. You only have to listen to the European back packers - they cannot believe how dear things are in Australia.
Why doesn't Senator O'Sullivan get in behind fellow Senators John Madigan, Nick Xenaphon and Bob Katter all pushing for a better deal for businesses that are -
1) Operating in Australia
2) Borrowing from Australian Banks
3) Exporting their product
Get in behind the ARDB or a similar body that would give these businesses real relief instead of band-aid after band-aid.
Why isn't the Federal Government addressing this dumping issue? ...... Is it to appease those people with the Bushie Bill mentality? Have you got the Federal LNP Government looking after you Bushie Bill?
Well if our "friends " in the RBA lowered the base Interest rate to that of most of our international competitors, it would be a considerable help to debt-laden rural producers.
And if our "friends " in the Federal Government got rid of the tax on wages in the form of the Compulsory Superannuation on wages (instead of endeavouring to increase it from the present 9pc to 14pc), it would be a considerable help in employing assistance in our rural businesses.
And if our "friends" in the MLA got rid of the compulsory NLIS, there would be considerable savings to the livestock industries.


Good on you Little Aussie Battlers - you have hung in there and hope you get just rewards for doing so.
It just goes to show how low these "Animal Activists" can go.
By the way, what are they doing about all the domestic cats that have gone wild and are out in the Bush consuming the the native animals, some of which may becoming extinct?
And what are they doing about the hunting dogs that have gone wild and are out in the Bush breeding with the native dingoes and corrupting their purity?
Fight Fire with Fire - give this case heaps of publicity to let the general public know how RSPCA operate. - And where is Animals Australia on this one - shooting animals that are a bit poor but are able to recover. Are they going to give heaps of publicity to this action?
The first thing that the Government should do is implement the Bob Katter-driven ARDB or some similar sort of body that can lend money at about half what the Banks are currently charging and therefore halving the Interest Bill in the Bush.
This would in itself put money into the local economies instead of into the Banks' coffers. The Banks are fair game ever since the Paul Keating era when rates in excess of 22% were charged. No wonder everything is so dear.
Pragmatist, if you think that the Australian Finance Industry is so squeaky clean and that it gets policed rigorously, Google "Banking & Finance Consumers Support Association" to see what they come up with.
Ever since the GFC, Australian Interest Rates have been higher than the rest of the Western World and this very fact has contributed to the Au$ being too high.
So if you operate a business in Australia; borrow money and export your product, you are getting three hits - operating expenses too high, too high a Interest Bill, and too low a price for your product. No wonder so many exporting business are struggling and so many have closed down.
All these people want is a fair go and they are not getting it. The cost of operating a business in Australia is a global joke!
Nico, the "very ordinary wage" that you talk about is probably well above the level of the rest of the world, as are most wages in Australia whose operating costs are gradually becoming recognised as the dearest price ones on the planet.
Old Bushie Bill has surfaced again - I thought he must have perished from not being able to get hold of enough food - food that has been subsidised for him by the various Primary Producers who are operating below the cost of production.
Wendy, you are talking too much sense! - and good on you - your grand parents would be proud of you!
They would get more votes if they did it more often instead of bowing down to the trendy Liberals


Good on these Little Aussie Battlers for showing the Yanks how to produce top mangoes - top effort!


Lee, how is grain going to be grown successfully in a lot of the areas where cattle are presently being grazed - country of lower rainfall, poorer quality soils and country that has a lot of trees and bush growing on them?
It appears as though you would be well advised to get out into the bush and educate yourself somewhat more before making these statements.
Also what are the details of the compensation payable to all of the legal and legitimate businesses associated with live exporting if these businesses are closed down? It is high time that details of this are put on the table.
OK 100% Vegan - ban all meat consumption. How is the resultant demand for other food going to be satisfied? In quite a lot of cattle country, the cattle are being farmed there because it is the only practical way that food can be grown in that country.
Also the Meat Mafia would love the idea because the demand for meat on the black market would sky rocket.
OK Nicky, ban the export of all of the cattle, sheep and goats from Australia. What are the precise details of compensation payable as a result of this ban? The entities who are in the business of exporting livestock are conducting legal, legitimate businesses so when this ban is enacted, they will be requiring full compensation for all losses incurred by their businesses. Do tell us the precise details and also please advise us how the compensation will be funded. If you cannot do so, your credibility will be seriously in question.
And the second thing to do SLP is to present a Costs Agreement to them to set out payment of ALL of the ongoing costs that the miners impose on the landholders - or rather it should be the first thing to do. I presented one to a Miner 4 months ago and they seem to be at a loss as to what to do with it - they don't seem to be game to throw it in the bin!
So now we have got the shiny bummed ones "advising" about the CSG mob!
Take note, members of the Cattle Council of Australia and MLA!
Well come on Animals Australia - what is your reply to this information?
Lynette, come up with your evidence inside of the same old tirade.
Barker, if you want to shut Live Exporting down, what are the details of compensation that would need to be paid to all of the legitimate business that private enterprise has set up to enable this trade to flourish?


Won't the bankers, the real estate agents and the finance brokers be rubbing their hands together now!
Do not ever forget that on every Bank Loan Agreement, there are two signatures - the Borrower and the Lender, not just one.
The Banks have been doing very nicely for quite a while charging the highest Interest Rates in the Western World, ,making record profits, paying huge dividends and paying their senior management obscene amounts of remuneration annually and so are morally obliged to assist people who are genuinely trying to trade out of poor seasons, depressed prices due to direct Government action, and high import costs and not slump the property market with these forced sales
It has to be remembered that when an entity borrows money, there are two signatures on the Agreement - the borrower AND the lender. Especially in the Rural game, just because an entity is struggling to service its debt today, does not mean that it cannot service its debt tomorrow.
I classic example of this is the Northern Cattle Producers who had an enormous hit by the Live Cattle Trade Ban but now they should have some good trading conditions in front of them and consequently they should have a much improved Cash flow and consequently have a much improved ability to service their debt.
If these properties are selling for more than what they were valued at, that means the bank's valuations were too low so that raises the question - why were they placed in Receivership anyway? Sounds like more Corporate Bullying to me. What do you think Bushie Bill? - you seem to know everything.
Lets hope an Aussie Farmer buys it as happened in Tasmania. I wonder whether the Tasmanian farmer is of the a "Pa & Ma" type farmer?!!
Well isn't it quite ridiculous for the Government to allow this to be happening,

Rural Lifestyle

Mr Joyce, what the Primary Producers who primarily export their product, require is an Australia wide equivalent of the QIDC that was operating in Qld until Premier Borbridge sold it off at the expense of these Producers. Just ask the people and the communities that it helped. I personally benefited from it after being almost wiped out with Death Duties.Now these people are being wiped out with Interest Rates that are presently the highest in the Western World and that have been too high for too long.


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I'm one of the people who want marijuana to be legalized, some city have been approved it but
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Australia's live animal trade is nothing but a blood stained industry that suits those who
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