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Agribuzz with David Leyonhjelm

Boris you need to dig out the records of the once great CBH company Secretary, Norm Tidy. He explained how the growers' equity worked very well and how even the nations finest scholars could not fault them. In essence, he said that every grower got access to the CBH multi million $ facilities by virtue of a very small contribution called tolls, which saved them from major capital outlays. That meant the ownership remained in the hands of each generation in perpetuity and only cost each one a small toll. So because no generation paid for it in full, no one generation owns it in full.
29/10/14 03:55 AM
Drowning in debt, I have nothing but sympathy for you and the fact that you have lost your farm through burgeoning debt. I also agree with you that farmers' ignorance is going to cost them dearly. We may have a different view though on what part of farmers' thinking is ignorant. The real ignorance is individual farmers believing they can take on the international merchants alone; can not tell the difference between their friends & enemies; shoot the friendly messenger; are blind to the O/S Govt funded trader attacks on our farmers; and Aus Govt regulations blowing our costs sky high.
18/09/14 06:04 AM
Seethelight, what's a "legacy Port Terminal Operator"? If you are WA grower shareholder of CBH, why
would you want to drive down the value of your asset by giving it away to its competitors? After all it is clearly the best and most efficient in Australia, if not the western world. The vast majority of WA growers support it, and want it to be maintained. The PGA is far from the majority of WA growers is it. It is after all, the far right wing of the right wing political party in Australia.
17/09/14 09:36 AM

A matter of opinion

It is not that simple John. If farmers want to get some political clout, they need to get themselves together first. It is not a solution to get others in the Agricultural chain to finance farmers political power because their money buys their control. That is not to say farmers should not co-operate with all in the chain. They must. But you can't negotiate very well with a party who can cut off your food supply the minute you have a disagreement.
25/11/13 06:41 AM


About time we heard of something Rick Wilson is going to do to support farmers. When is he going to initiate some real benefits off his own bat. He could start with fighting for some equity for farmers and small businesses by seeking to shift the welfare component of our Industrial Awards onto the Federal Budget instead of leaving on the expense sheets of small business to pay for. Let us see you earn you pay Rick. Take a leaf out of Barnaby Joyce's book and work harder for your constituents.
31/12/14 11:24 PM
Deregul8 is obviously not a serious or sizable grain producer, because no serious grain producer sits at the computer all day long as he does. For him to talk in such sarcastic and gratuitous terms about a well respected gentleman, farmer advocate and businessman, as Jock Munro, says more about himself than about the great and humble Jock Munro.
21/11/14 02:47 AM
In case you haven't noticed Holy Moly, the only sector in this country that gets subsidised via indexed, guaranteed minimum incomes is the trades and labor union sector. They get the guarantee via regulations and that is paid for by business when it is in fact a welfare benefit. In a country which has numerous FTAs with other nations those FTAs deregulate all incomes of business in Aust, forcing them to survive and compete with countries with no minimum wage, while we are required to pay out welfare. That is why our manufacturers are all disappearing. Other sectors are following.
05/11/14 08:49 AM
Seethelight, as Ted O'Brien correctly points out, you have no proven facts about anything, just hearsay and investigative allegations. There are a very high % of these which fail if they ever get to Court anyway, and that is why we honor the system of innocent until proven guilty. Remember, it will be 15 years, since the events that you speak of, even get to Court unless they stumble again on the way. How could you trust any Court Case to prove anything but a waste of tax payers money and a blight on our Government under such circumstances? BTW CWB was an arch rival of AWB in the wheat trade.
10/10/14 09:03 AM
That's fine LTF, but the Chinese are not dumb. They do not go around buying up every farm, let alone at double market price. So we need another answer to our debt problems. Clearly we need to lower our costs because we sure as hell cant force up our incomes as individuals, in a corrupt global market. You should put In more work on the last sentence of your post. That is as essential for the future of Australia as it is for us.
10/10/14 04:36 AM
Apart from Rudd, beating Howard in 2007 and Howard and his Ministers winning by cleverly passing off all blame to the grower servants at the AWB, and the faceless Multi National Trading houses who convinced the International Authorities to go after the AWB, everybody in Australia lost out from the scandalous blaming of AWB over its nothingness in the Iraq OFF affair. It must be nothingness if it takes 14-15 years to put together a Court Case over something all the big mouths all claimed was an open and shut case. Ted O'Brien is right again.
10/10/14 01:16 AM
Don't be too cute Consolidated. Yours will be one of the clearing sales. Have you studied what happens in USA & EU where, for decades, they have had the same system we are now learning. It fails so miserably in USA & EU that their family farms are given $trillions in subsidies to keep them on the land. Their is no way our Government would or could afford that so it is only a matter of time before your bank will be arranging your clearing sale and departure. Open your eyes and look past the end of your nose and practice a little humility. You are going to need it.
29/09/14 11:21 PM
CBH has very little to do with Bunge's WA entry, Consolidated. Probably makes little difference what CBH does even though they are the world's most efficient and Australia's lowest cost storage and grain handler. Bunge will make so much money out of farmers in their trading operations now that the single desk is gone, that competing storage is almost irrelevant. But if you can't see that today, you will eventually. They might seem like Mr nice guy today but they are here for your money, not your friendship. Once they have you by the you know whats, your heart and mind will follow.
29/09/14 12:31 AM
What a great snake oil salesman Bunge's Mr. Schroder is. Read his words carefully:- We farmers are the beginning of Bunge's value chain; free trade reduces volatility - (REALLY, Where & When?); Bunge has been in the supply chain 196 years, & yet are somehow providing a new supply chain - (Isn't 196 years an old supply chain?).
If Bunge has been around 196 years, they are not a new supply chain are they. With farmers now divided, weak negotiators, it is farmers that are giving Bunge new profit opportunities, & that's the only reason they are expanding here, to take $$s out of our share.
28/09/14 01:47 PM
What I want to know is, - if this deregulated wheat market is so much better than what we had under the 50 years of growth in farmer numbers, from 1950 on, WHY ARE THE NUMBERS OF FARMERS IN THE WHEAT GAME LESS THAN IN THE 1900S AND WHY ARE FARMERS LEAVING THE INDUSTRY TODAY IN LARGE NUMBERS? Could it be that we are hardly breaking even today, despite increasing our yields, and output per man? And getting a smaller share of the value of our wheat, and propping up too many middle men, and unworthy welfare recipients and grain traders and money men? How is deregulation helping? Its not is it.
15/09/14 03:37 AM


Merchant, of course you would speak in favor of the current situation/debacle. You are a grain merchant who needs growers to be divided to carve the biggest margins possible out of growers incomes. There is no way you can prove your claim that there is no way could achieve the exports of today. Fact is you are making a claim you can not prove and making false suppositions.
26/03/15 02:54 AM
Kim Simpson is right on the money. The PGA is clearly just a very small minority of growers and as usual appears to be in bed with International Grain Traders who have and will always put their own interests and profits before those of us sweating it out producing the grains. If you give a mandate to a Political Party winning 50.01% of the vote at elections, then 88% in favor of maintaining CBH as a Co-op is a bolter. Case closed.
11/02/15 11:44 AM
What GFA is saying is that our governments are good at negotiating free trade agreements which open the doors to global operators bringing in the goods they produce in countries which pay lowest rates to their workers to undercut the goods we make with highly regulated inflated costs affecting all our inputs and supply chain costs. They are not interested in giving our producers access to the same low cost inputs. It is as good as treason against local business. If they want to give out welfare, fine, but do it out of your own budget Govt not the budget of business. Or forget the FTA's.
21/10/14 01:17 AM
Mr Seabrook, it is your kind of paranoia and WA centric parochialism which makes WA the laughing stock of a nation. I for one agree wholeheartedly with Mr Joyce's comments about PGA and support the retention of CBH as a farmer owned co-operative. It is the lowest cost and most efficient grain handler in Australia, and all built under the Co-Op structure. You and the PGA have done nothing but try and destroy the fabric that made the WA wheat industry great. Your deregulation has brought nothing but chaos so far and we are now getting ripped off with prices below US prices.
19/09/14 10:50 PM
Know all, I give you 5 years at best in the wheat game.
11/09/14 06:38 AM
Very good summation Jock Munro.
02/09/14 11:22 PM


Asking Michelle Grattan to comment on the future of Nationals MPs is a bit like asking Sarah Hanson Young to give a vote of thanks to Tony Abbott for stopping the boats.
28/10/14 06:50 AM
Woolies sell you milk for $1/litre and bread for $0.85/loaf too Deregul8, but that does not mean they are not getting at you on the other 90% of your shopping. As a Shareholder owned mega corporation, they will always screw the biggest margin out of both the supplier and consumer, just based on scale of operation. A bit like the mega multi national grain traders do to farmers and end users alike. Just because you cant se it does not mean it is not happening. How else would they get to be big and powerful and take over all the little guys? You will be next. Its just a matter of time.
22/09/14 02:45 AM
Brad Jones, there is a difference between the Woolies/Coles profits and the surplus generated by CBH. All the CBH surplus belongs to the growers who are shareholders of CBH and can only be put back into the shareholders facilities or other income earning facilities or Shareholder rebates (like $4.55 this year), for the benefit of WA grower shareholders. Profits of all others dealing with WA growers, are taken away from you.
19/09/14 02:14 AM


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