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Dream on.
09/07/15 10:33 PM
No Nico its you and your alarmist buddies that are the ones that need to be challenged for your endless misrepresentations and alarmist rubbish.
08/07/15 06:52 AM
I am a strong supporter of the coalition and Abbott and their common sense view of climate change. The last thing we need in this country now is to go backwards with a Govt that believes in myths , fantasies and dodgy science.
26/06/15 10:39 PM
Not big on science , Oliver ?
26/06/15 01:59 AM
'' Tapping into the latest science'' haha lol , I would love to see what they have been '' tapping into ''.
26/06/15 12:17 AM
And so far Nico any observed and measured effect has been very beneficial thankyou very much.
22/06/15 12:48 AM
You got the first half of your statement dead right Jacky.
18/06/15 01:33 AM
''Anti-science bloggers'' I know who you have in mind Nico. That would be all the mentally impaired trolls who keep insisting that a tiny amount of beneficial CO2 (atmospheric plant food ) is causing catastrophic dangerous climate change.
12/06/15 02:59 AM
Sounds like South Australia will be a basket case within a few years. Can't wait to hear how those windmills will keep up with the airconditioners during the next 45deg C heatwave next summer. I will bet any money they will be importing electricity from other states.
12/06/15 02:48 AM
x, would you rather either of the last two idiots?
12/06/15 12:01 AM


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