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Agribuzz with David Leyonhjelm

David is right. Why keep throwing hard-earned taxpayer dollars (including mine) at all these plans/reports/green papers/white papers/ that create a huge PR-induced brouhaha when they're launched, and then proceed to sit on the bureaucratic shelf with no apparent follow-up?
28/04/14 08:17 AM

Get Muddy

I would have thought those "how do you measure potential" indicators - i.e. the right kind of motivation, curiosity, insight, engagement and determination - were assets "systems leaders in HR" had been using for quite some time now... Nothing revolutionary there.
15/07/14 02:54 AM
This is all well and good Sam, but how do you measure potential? Or how does one promote themselves as having potential when they're applying for a job and going through the interview process, but don't have any experience to back them? It's all a bit ambiguous. From my experience going through job interviews over the years, companies/organisations prefer to see some "runs on the board" before they're willing to take a punt on some kind of gut feeling that someone has "potential", and I don't see that changing any time soon in the current economic climate.
15/07/14 01:02 AM

A matter of opinion

Good points, Matthew. Maybe you should send this piece to our new Communications Minister Mitch Fifield to give him some ideas about how to fix woeful internet across much of rural Australia.
09/10/15 03:15 AM
Frank Blunt says "warmth is good"? Spoken to any farmers battling drought lately, Frank? I think they would seriously dispute that statement. Broadacre farmers and livestock producers alike here in Qld would like a break from the "warmth" you speak of. Many also agree it's getting hotter, and that's not a good thing. Get a clue.
03/03/14 11:55 PM

Burrs under my saddle

Pete, have you registered the Country Party yet? Might want to get your skates on with all the drama in Canberra over Abbott's leadership this week. An election might be here sooner rather than later.
14/09/15 03:18 AM


These ideas all sound impressive on paper, but they'll amount to nothing unless the govt first addresses the need for better internet access and mobile service in the bush. Pretty please, get that right, and then all these other grand plans can follow! #datadrought
14/12/15 06:08 AM
McGauchie refers to "creative adjustment" - isn't that just a corporate way of saying "let's be flexible" and ready to deal with all the variables that working in agriculture requires? Doesn't sound like he's saying anything we didn't already know.
16/11/15 01:58 AM
freetradeessential, there are a lot of things in this world to be "appalled" about, a headline isn't one of them, especially when it's correct. Labor won some concessions, the ChAFTA will now get safe passage through parliament - it's the usual give and take of politics.
21/10/15 03:48 AM
Wal, there were lots of reasons and people that helped end Rudd's political life, including his own actions. You can't blame Rudd's demise solely on an ETS, if that's what you're trying to imply. There are many issues that need urgent attention in Australia. Average Australians like me who earn a small wage for a very big day's work in rural Australia are desperate for some improvements to basics such as infrastructure.
15/09/15 01:36 AM
Great news to have Turnbull as leader. The Coalition might have a fighting chance now at the next election. They were sitting ducks under Abbott.
14/09/15 09:40 PM
  Joyce opens ABARES 13 Comments 13
daw, I think you'll find RARA is an acronym of/for "Rural And Regional Australia'.
05/03/14 07:18 AM
Wonder if anyone has ever followed-up on all of ABARES' predictions to see if they've been correct in the past? Would be curious to know.
04/03/14 02:43 AM


Love it! Well done MLA
11/01/16 12:35 AM
George is cute and beaut! Fab idea.
22/12/14 06:23 AM
Here's a comment from a drought-hit farmer for your Stuart - GET A CLUE!!! Rainfall of 57mm or 71mm is very welcome, indeed, any rain is warmly received. However, if you're only getting that rain after MORE THAN TWO YEARS OF NO RAIN, it's barely enough to settle the dust, let alone break the drought. Seriously, your ignorance is breathtaking.
05/03/14 09:02 PM
This project sounds fascinating. Any new technology that can better help predict drought events, would be greatly welcomed.
07/09/15 01:04 AM
Bushie Bill, I hope I'm right too. Why? Because Abbott's insinuation that a child borne by a woman earning $100K is worthy of more support than any baby borne by someone like me who works full-time and earns less than $45K (despite my uni degree and 20 years slaving away in one industry), is an absolute insult to every Australian woman. His outlook merely demonstrates Liberal silver-tail elitism is alive and kicking in Australia.
05/02/14 06:10 AM
bg, you're wrong. The current Paid Parental Leave scheme is a flat rate and not "based on a woman's income". As long as a woman doesn't earn over a set amount, they all get the same rate, which is pretty minimal and only lasts for a few months, and pretty much demands a woman returns to work within months of giving birth. As for Abbott's proposed changes to parental leave, which i assume you're alluding to, I seriously doubt it will ever eventuate.
05/02/14 03:14 AM


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