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COMMENT: Laying the tracks for Tier 3 rail
Noel Bairstow, Corrigin Lake Grace Zone Delegate, Wafarmers Grains Section2hrs ago
The rail line between Narrogin and Kulin.
Budget doesn't balance for many in WA
Mia Davies, Leader, the Nationals Wa
Leader of The Nationals WA, Mia Davies.
Nationals should make a deal at every election
Peter Mailler, Boggabilla Farmer
"Barnaby Joyce is a self-declared agrarian socialist in line with the Nationals' roots. Ideologically he and his party have much more in common with the Labor Party than with the Liberal Party."
"Livelihoods depend on governments we can trust"
Will Evans, Chief Executive Officer Northern Territory Cattlemen'S Association
Last week the animal rights community claimed victory in pressuring Federal Labor into recommitting to a phase out of the live sheep exports industry (if they are elected).
OPINION: Last live ex twist is alarming
Colin de Grussa, Agricultural Region Mlc, the Nationals Wa
'Ag Visa' policy now a wasted opportunity
Fiona Simson, National Farmers Federation President
Increasing wages would simply mean fewer Aussie farmers, and more imported produce on our supermarket shelves. It's rapidly fuelling Australia's cost of living crisis. Left unchecked, it will increase the number of Australians who can no longer afford to choose fresh fruit and veg.
Live export industry should be supported
South West Region Mp, Steve Thomas
A vote for an "independent" is a vote for Labor
Tom Marland, Principal Marland Law
In the seat of Hinkler, local Mayor Jack Dempsey, left, is throwing his hat in the ring to run as an "independent". He is pictured with Anthony Albanese.