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HARDI Australia has released a new HELLIOS lightweight self-propelled boomsprayer for the Australian market.

HARDI Australia has released a new HELLIOS lightweight self-propelled boomsprayer for the Australian market.


Specifically designed for use on soft soils, tight headlands and difficult slopes, the 3000 litre HELLIOS has already proven popular with European growers.

HARDI Australia’s chief executive officer Bill Franklin said the local business had invested considerable time and expertise to tailor the European concept to local farmers’ requirements.

“We are acutely aware that local spraying needs are unique,” Mr Franklin said.

“That’s why we build our sprayers here.”

A distinctive feature of HELLIOS is its front-mounted aluminium boom, offered locally in widths from 24 to 36 metres.

The arrangement gives operators a panoramic forward view of their spray application from a high and comfortably-furnished Category 4 cab.

Mr Franklin said HARDI Australia’s substantial know-how in setting up aluminium booms gave HELLIOS even better performance on the region’s farms.

“We have been working with aluminium booms for many years,” he said.

“HARDI Australia has unmatched expertise in integrating aluminium boom wings with advanced boom centres to deliver the best ride, height control and durability.

“Our experience and HARDI’s sophisticated AutoHeight control means the HELLIOS boom will spend far more time at an optimum height above the crop or soil – and that means more effective application.”

HARDI Australia will offer HELLIOS with the fixed track width of 1.8m favoured by many local growers, as well as wider 2m and 3m options.

Four-wheel steering is also available, giving the machine superb manoeuvrability in tight headlands.

By using a sophisticated hydro-mechanical drive system, HELLIOS manages the power and torque output of its 104 kilowatt (140 horsepower) Deutz diesel engine to optimise performance and traction.

The system allows the sprayer to excel on a lighter and more economical power plant, saving weight and fuel.

Another unique HARDI technology on HELLIOS is the ActivAir nozzle control system, which maintains pressure in the fluid system for instantly accurate spray rates as soon as nozzle sections are activated.

Other features include a 35 litre graduated induction hopper, multi-layer airbag suspension, and a sophisticated Matrix Pro GS 840 controller.

From its factory in Adelaide, HARDI can further configure each HELLIOS to suit individual customer requirements.

The company also has announced the release of its PARAGON AL aluminium boomsprayer brand in Australia and New Zealand.

According to Mr Franklin, the aluminium booms offer many advantages over steel booms and especially rival aluminium booms.

“The new branding will allow HARDI PARAGON AL booms to stand out from more recent market entrants by exemplifying our unique competencies,” he said.

HARDI PARAGON AL booms are offered in widths from 24m to 48.5m, for the brand’s trailed and self-propelled sprayers.

By integrating aluminium booms with HARDI’s advanced boom centres and movement dampeners, the company is able to optimise each boom’s performance and longevity under a wider range of conditions.

“There’s a lot more to a successful aluminium boom installation than just the wings,” Mr Franklin said.

“Our experience and HARDI’s unique AutoTerrain technology means there’s virtually zero chance of a ground strike when using HARDI PARAGON AL booms.

“And the superior terrain-following technology complements HARDI AutoHeight, which automatically maintains an optimum nozzle height above the crop or the ground.

“HARDI Aluminium booms have been around for a long time and are well proven in Australia and throughout the world.”

HARDI PARAGON AL booms can also integrate H-SELECT application rate management – the only system for controlling both droplet size and rate through the broad speed range experienced on booms over 36m (120ft).

More information: HARDI.com.au, info@hardi-aus.com or phone 8343 9999.


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