GRDC Updates heat up

Photos from the 2019 Dubbo GRDC Grain Research Update

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Photos from the 2019 Dubbo GRDC Grain Research Updates


Climate change, water use efficiency and weed management were just some of the topics that brought over 170 grain agronomists, growers and researchers together at the Grains Research Development Corporation (GRDC) Updates, held in Dubbo, NSW this week. 

Aimed at delivering the outputs of research direct to the people of on the ground, the two day gathering is an annual fixture in the central west farming calendar. 

Keynote speaker, Australian National University, Climate Change Institute, director, Mark Howden gave attendees a run down on the impact of climate change on their farming systems, including hard data on what had already occurred, what is forecast for the future and how growers could adapt to change to remain sustainable and profitable into the future. 

CSIRO, researcher, Wolfgang Speilmeyer, addressed data on cereal breeding for a changing climate, while Crop Facts, principle, Harm van Rees, presented on management tools to bring actual crop yield up to the genetic potential of a variety.

The summer run of the 2019 GRDC Grain Research Updates continues through March, upcoming events and links to papers from previous events can be found by clicking here:

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