Enjoy a farm where hard work is already done

Enjoy a farm where hard work is already done


Keen to pursue other business interests and ventures in life, the Smart family is offering its 22,191 hectare farming enterprise by expressions of interest.


ERREGULLA Plains is known for its historic legacy in Western Australia agriculture, being an exceptionally productive property as a result of dedicated hard work spanning decades.

Keen to pursue other business interests and ventures in life, the Smart family is offering its 22,191 hectare farming enterprise by expressions of interest.

Apart from its virtues of high productivity, great location and notable spot in WA's agricultural history books, a major drawcard of Erregulla Plains is that the 22,191ha holding, although multi-titled, is in one co-joined (complete) block.

While it can be split between multiple buyers, for those interested in the property as a whole, it is encompassed within one boundary and can be purchased as a well-oiled going concern.

Spurred by issues of ryegrass resistance, non-wetting soils and inconsistencies in mixing lime at depth through the soil profile, Stuart Smart was an early adopter in 2010 of mouldboard ploughing.

"The work with the mouldboard has had an amazing impact on yield across all soil types on our property and given increases ranging from 0.5 tonne to three tonne," Mr Smart said.

"It's hard to fathom it's possible to get such a lift unless you see it with your own eyes and many people have doubted our results until they have tried it for themselves."

Add to that gains from using winged Stiletto seeding boots, the margins are even more significant.

Mr Smart has also chosen to combine old school experience with new technology for better performance and efficiency with regard to sowing rate, choosing to sow wheat at 60 kilograms per hectare and not the more common 90-100kg/ha.

Another game changer was their purchase of a Rocks Gone Reefinator in 2015, used to break up ironstone rock and hard pans to increase arable acreage and yield potential.

Its use, in conjunction with their mouldboard ploughing work, has him convinced they could successfully crop almost all of their arable area once work over the whole farm has been completed.

This year the cropping program comprises 15,000ha, 2000ha less than normal, due to part of the mouldboard program being left out because of the late start to the season.

The grain split is 50 per cent wheat, 25pc canola and 25pc lupin.

Soils are a mix of predominantly quality gravelly loams and yellow loams with a small portion of sandy soil and said the production they have been able to generate from this country continued to surprise.

While cropping is the sole enterprise today and much of the improvements are geared towards it with a purpose built chemical shed, seed cleaning facilities and more than 3000t of grain storage capacity, it was not always the case and considerable infrastructure remains for those interested in running livestock.

"Now it is time for someone else to stamp their mark at Erregulla Plains," Mr Smart said.

"We believe the huge amount of time and effort we and those before us have put into improving this property leave it in incredibly good heart for future generations to continue farming in whatever way they choose and whether that be locals or producers from elsewhere, we wish them the very best.

"Agriculture is a great business to be in and helping feed the world is a serious job and an incredible privilege.

"We have been touched with the early interest shown in this land which we have cherished for generations."

Price: EOI closing Thursday, October 10, 2019

Location: Mingenew

Area: 22,191.8ha

Agent: Ray White Rural WA

Contact: Steve Vaughan 0428 120 407


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