Carcase camera to grade high marble score beef

Carcase camera to grade high marble score beef


Digital carcase camera receives conditional approval through Aus-Meat


The Australian Wagyu Association has worked with Meat Image Japan to achieve conditional approval for the MIJ-30 digital carcase camera through AUS-MEAT for objective grading of high marble score 0-9+ beef.

The MIJ-30 digital carcase camera is the first and only approved technology for high AUS-MEAT grading across the full 0-9+ marbling range. The approval is conditional on maintaining the standards required in the AUS-MEAT regulations such as documentation of in-plant quality assurance systems and ongoing validation testing.

MIJ is recognised as the founder of objective carcase quality grading for high-value beef applications.


Japan is the home of Wagyu and MIJ's Professor Keigo Kuchida has worked on image capture and analysis for the measurement of yield, quality, colour, and fatness for more than 30 years with the Japanese Meat Grading Association systems. MIJ has its technologies across the major premium global beef markets including Japan, USA, Europe and Australia.

For high-quality Wagyu beef, MIJ has partnered with the Australian Wagyu Association to accelerate the development of its newest digital technology within the Australian premium-quality beef sector. More than 30,000 carcases across multiple Australian supply chains have been analysed to build the reference set for the new MIJ cloud-based carcase grading system.

The MIJ-30 is an evolution of the MIJ technology platform, based on three decades of scientific development and evaluation.

MIJ managing director Mr Atsushi Kano said that the R&D development team behind the MIJ 30 - lead by Professor Keigo Kuchida - have worked extensively in the development and testing of the camera with its industry partner, the AWA.

WA chief executive officer Dr Matt McDonagh said the AWA has used the camera extensively across many processor sites over the last three years to develop the Australian reference data for the MIJ analysis and AUS-MEAT accreditation.

Professor Kuchida said a unique attribute of the MIJ-30 is its measurement of marbling fineness, which is a key attribute important to Wagyu quality. The proprietary methods for measuring marbling fineness with the MIJ-30 were established on Wagyu in Japan and these are the foundation of quality assessment for Wagyu in Japan.

"MIJ are globally recognised and trusted as scientific leaders in the objective measurement of beef, including Wagyu. In Wagyu, marbling is king. Through collaborating with MIJ, we are able to apply the best knowledge and technology for measuring marbling from Japan into the Australian industry" said Dr McDonagh.

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