Elders South West team to host two-days of store cattle sales at the Boyanup saleyards

By Kane Chatfield
April 5 2022 - 5:00am
Alcoa Farmlands, Pinjarra/Wagerup, will be the largest vendor at the day one beef cattle sale at Boyanup on Wednesday, April 6, with a total draft of 650 Angus and Murray Grey steers and Angus heifer weaners aged 10-12 months including a quality line of 50 vet checked fit to breed heifers.

THE Boyanup saleyards will be a hive of activity this week when Elders hosts two days of store cattle sales.

The first leg of the two-day fixture will be an AuctionsPlus interfaced store beef cattle sale held on Wednesday, April 6, commencing at 1pm.



The Elders South West team is expecting to yard 1200 store beef cattle on day one, which will include beef steers and heifers representing a cross section of British and European breeds ranging from eight to 16 months with Angus and Angus cross numbers prominent and the majority weaned.

The second leg will be a dairy store cattle sale held on Friday, April 8, also commencing at 1pm.

The day two sale will see about 800 dairy originated cattle yarded including first cross and Friesian steers ranging from poddies to rising two-year-olds, a small selection of first cross heifers aged 16 to 20 months and first cross and beef cows and calves with Euro calves at foot.

Elders South West livestock manager and sale co-ordinator Michael Carroll said the Elders team was looking forward to the two days of beef and dairy store cattle sales.

AC & CJ McNab, Scott River, will offer an annual draft of 131 Murray Grey cross mixed sex weaners at the day one beef store cattle sale expected to weigh from 320-370kg.

"The first day of beef cattle we have an excellent line-up of beef steers and heifers from renowned South West graziers," Mr Carroll said.

"Most of these will be weaner types in the 10 to 12 month old age bracket and the perfect article for a feeder or grazier to finish or a backgrounder to further grow out for later in the year.

"The second day we will have a good yarding of store Friesian steers that range from young 3-4 month old poddies to older 18-20 month olds and all perfect for putting back in the paddock to grow on.

"We will also have some good first cross steers and heifers and finish off the sale with some nice cows and calves."

Aloca Farmlands, Pinjarra/Wagerup, will dominate numbers at the day one beef cattle sale.

The total draft of 650 Angus and Murray Grey steers and Angus heifers is Alcoa Farmland's second main sale draft this season from its winter calving program which will this year see it join about 4000 breeders.

This sale's draft will consist of 400 mainly Angus steers and Murray Grey steers and 250 Angus heifers aged 10-12 months including a quality line of 50 vet checked fit to breed Angus heifers.

BJ Depiazzi, Dardanup, will present a line of 19 Angus-Friesian heifers aged 16-20 months and vet checked suitable to breed at the day two dairy store cattle sale on Friday, April 8, at Boyanup.

The May/June drop steer draft is expected to weigh from 320-360kg and the heifers 290-310kg.

The Alcoa Farmlands herd is based predominantly on Koojan Hills Angus and Melaleuca Murray Grey bloodlines, while Little Meadows and Gandy Angus bulls have been used in recent years.

The calves were yard weaned for seven days, with weaning occurring from December to February and since weaning they have been running on irrigated pastures and supplemented with hay and silage.

At weaning the calves received their second 7in1 vaccination along with Multimin, Vitamin A, D and E, Beachport Liquid Minerals Greencap, plus a drench.



Elders, Waroona representative Wade Krawczyk said the Alcoa Farmlands large consignment was a quality line of cattle well suited to the local restockers, lotfeeders and future breeders.

"Alcoa Farmlands has utilised bulls predominantly from Koojan Hills, Gandy Angus and Little Meadows with bull selection focusing on key carcase traits such as EMA, IMF, fats with strong 200 and 400 day growth rates," Mr Krawczyk said.

"The 2022 April offering is considered to be one of Alcoa Farmlands best lines with the improvement in herd genetics playing a huge role in the quality of the calves coming through.

"This is definitely reflective in Alcoa's kill sheets for cattle sold through the trade program.

An example of the 30 Friesian steers aged 12 to 14 months and weighing 350-390kg to be offered by V & E Pitter, Waroona, at the day two dairy store cattle sale.

"This sale will be a great opportunity to secure a great line of steers and heifers whether for your feedlot, paddock and or for breeder replacement."



The next largest vendor in the beef sale is AC & CJ McNab, Scott River, with a total draft of 131 Murray Grey cross mixed sex weaners.

The annual draft of weaners will consist of 89 steers and 42 heifers with the steers expected to weigh from 320-370kg.

The McNab's calves are bred on Monterey and Gnangara Murray Grey bloodlines and received their 7in1 vaccinations with booster.

Elders Margaret River agent Alec Williams said the McNab cattle were ideal backgrounder or feeder type weaners.

Other bigger lines coming into the day one beef sale include Tandar Pty Ltd, Busselton, with 70 mixed sex Charolais cross steers aged eight to 10 months and estimated to weigh from 250-320kg, while DJ & L Klein, Capel, has nominated 36 Angus and Murray Grey steers aged 14-16 months with weights from 380 to 420kg.

There will also be some vendors offering decent individual numbers at the day two dairy sale.



The biggest draft of Friesian steers will descend from the paddocks of Olsthoorn Adams Enterprise, Boyanup, with a draft of 150 steers aged six to eight months.

Lake Jannis has drafted off 50 Jersey steers aged 12 to 18 months and Fortuna Farms 35 Friesian steers of the same age.

There will 32 Friesian steers aged 14-16 months heading into the sale from PB & JM Hutton, Boyanup, while Negus Enterprises, Tutunup and Willowhills Farm, Burekup, will present 30 Friesian steer poddies, all aged four to six months.

Also offering 30 Friesian steers is V & E Pitter, Waroona.

The steers are aged 12 to 14 months, have had all the animal treatments and will range in weights from 350-390kg.

Mr Krawczyk said the Pitter family was sending in a very good line of straight-bred Friesian steers.



"The steers are currently being supplementary fed on high quality hay and a top up ration of grain," Mr Krawczyk said.

"They are well suited to grow out for your local export market.

"Overall they are quality dairy steers and a credit to the Pitter family for the presentation of the steers."

In the breeder section of the sale, BJ Depiazzi, Dardanup, will present a quality line of 19 Angus-Friesian heifers.

The 16-20 month old heifers are AI-bred out of the Depiazzi family's dairy breeding herd.

Alex Roberts, Elders Boyanup, said the Depiazzi draft were stylish heifers that were vet checked and suitable to breed.



A line of 10 Angus-Friesian heifers aged 16-18 months, also vet checked suitable to breed, will be offered by GG & EJ Miller, Nannup.

In the cow/calf line-up, Slade Parkin Pty Ltd, Busselton, has nominated 35 Angus-Friesian cows ranging from first to fifth calvers with Limousin calves at foot while MR Kerr, Ferguson, has nine fourth calving Angus cows with Charolais calves at foot that haven't been rejoined.

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